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Maplestory on the news!

FahrenheitTHFahrenheitTH Member Posts: 130

Guess Fox had nothing to report about that night? Or is it really dangerous?


$50 dollars a week?



  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

    I've seen world of warcraft and runescape on the news, only about how addicting they are, and another time it was about gold farming and it had those 2.


  • I don't play maple story, but ran upon this post and watched. it is the general anti-video game propaganda, but the like "Broke into their mother paypal account to buy stuff" cracked me up.

    How stupid is that mother for making a common paypal password. Should be doing a news story on idiotic parents who didn't learn that birthdates, names of loved ones, addresses, qwerty, etc.. are terrible passwords.

  • WinoxWinox Member Posts: 8

    i agree, that mom is kinda stupid. She should blame herself for it.



  • SailorCallieSailorCallie Member Posts: 54

    Pretty good video, BTW.

  • RegikoRegiko Member Posts: 6

    Same, boring, generic, bias F.O.X.


    I love how they will pick anything out of the internet and try and turn it against the public. They also try and make the kid look guilty when the mother was clearly an idiot, and thus, the public opinion shifts to "wow that mother sure was stupid". Also: They can't really hold info on the incident because Nexo takes precautions, such as making a 75$ spending limit for paypal accounts.

    Go ahead F.O.X.: You're only giving Nexon free publicity. Perhaps now we will have more republicans playing maplestory that saw this report :P

  • DreggaDregga Member Posts: 20

    Out of all the MMOs I've played, MapleStory is the lease inoccuous. It's a cartoony, fun, sidescrolling game. I play it as a break from games like WoW and EVE Online. I've never bought the NX Cash to get things ingame, there's no need. The game can be enjoyed without it.

    Ooo, a kid "stole" money from her mom's PayPal to buy online items. Yes, that's wrong for a kid to do. My question is, how did she get her mom's info? And wouldn't you rather have your kid spend $50 bucks to buy some group of pixles in the form of a hat or new hair? Or steal a Fifty out of your purse to buy drugs/booze?

    And why don't the parents of younger kids regulate their game time? If the parents are that concerned, they'll make sure their kids don't play so much. When I was a kid all I wanted to do when I got home was watch Ninja Turtles or play on my new NES. But I got 1 hour after school and 1 hour after dinner. That was it. The rest of the time I had to play outside and do homework.

    FOX news hypes everything. They literally make mountains out of mole hills. I don't trust anything from them. The only thing I'll give them credit for are being the first on the scene of "breaking" news. But then again, vultures do the same thing with roadkill...

    My two cents.

  • lightbladelightblade Member Posts: 219

    Of course MapleStory is in the news, it's always in the news...


    It's pretty much the biggest grind in history.

  • DreggaDregga Member Posts: 20

    Yup. And I didn't realize what a bump my post was. I popped over to from the Maple and WoW forums and just started browsing. I've only picked Maple up in the last couple of months. Just noticed the forums for it here today.

    Hooray for boring deskjobs!

  • Spikey00Spikey00 Member Posts: 3

    I would most definitely never steal money from my mom, that is the lowest kind of act anyone could do tbh.


    But this was quite fascinating to me, hearing about this game being discussed upon a broad audience.

  • Fox11 made MS sounds so horrible.

    There's are alway kids who go overboard on everything. Not just MS.

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