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Skaven for an exp?

I know its a long ways away but check out this vid:

At around the 7:50 mark, funny vid regardless 


  • EldaElda Member Posts: 343

    awesome, skaven in the first expansion :D

    What will be the other race they will release then, lizardmen?

    oh and btw, the interviewer is one of the worst ever.... Though Paul Barnett makes it nice again :)

  • TubbiTubbi Member Posts: 74

    The guy interviewing isn't in to MMO's at all. He generally does interviews on FPS games where his forte is. So I understand he's not the best there is for it.

    But on the subject: YAY Skaven! Hopefully and most likely they'll be paired up against Lizardmen.


  • butters88butters88 Member Posts: 379

    Sweet! Now we know what race is gonna come out in the first expansion .

  • tapeworm00tapeworm00 Member Posts: 549

    Unleash the useless but fun speculation!


    Anyone care to guess on the classes?

    My take:

    Stormvermin (Tank/DPS)

    Warlock Engineer (Ranged DPS/Crazy buffs and debuffs, healing included)

    Pack Master (Pets/Maybe some limited crowd control)

    Night Runner (Melee DPS)

    I'm not too good at this, heh. Speculate!



  • BattleFelonBattleFelon Member UncommonPosts: 483

    For what it's worth, I was talking to one of the WAR devs at PAX and he said that definitely within Mythic there's a sizeable and very vocal group of employees who all want to see Skaven as an expansion race. The problem was in the original release, all 6 armies were either the most popular from the Tabletop game or the most iconic. Everyone can instantly recognize and relate to hard-drinking dwarves or frenzied greenskins, even if both these armies are not quite as popular as Elves, Empire or Chaos. While lots of Warhammer fans love Skaven, mutated rats with toxic flamethrowers and ninja assassins come off a bit bizarre to MMOG fans who've never been around the Warhammer universe before.

    They also need an Order army to fight against, which if Mythic did a Lustria campaign that could easily be lizard men. Personally, I'd love a well-done jungle zone with massive Aztec style cities and ruins as Stranglethorn Vale is pretty lame.

  • godpuppetgodpuppet Member Posts: 1,416

    "Warhammer Online, coming out at the beginning of 2008, OR Jeff Hickman will be killed".



    Would be ace to play Skaven, they have to be my fave WAR race.


  • LithdovLithdov Member Posts: 173

    I don't know why so many people love Skaven. Fuck the rats. Beasts of Chaos vs. Wood Elves FTW.

    If you want a real harsh death penalty, go play Russian Roulet. - Hamzal

  • TrowarTrowar Member Posts: 147
    Originally posted by Lithdov

    I don't know why so many people love Skaven. Fuck the rats. Beasts of Chaos vs. Wood Elves FTW.

    Skaven has some of the really nice special troops, like plague monks, Jezzails, flame throwers units, rat handlers, rat Ogre handlers, and best of all, Assasins!

    Skaven + Bretonnia would be very popular expansion. They are truly opposites in many ways.


  • SaekoraSaekora Member Posts: 110

    Paul <3, interview </3

  • ArcaSpiffArcaSpiff Member UncommonPosts: 99

    honestly, that guy who is in most of the PR videos and such, he is a knock out... he is the main reason i want to play this game, he makes it sound AMAZING!


    But i also love the concept and the graphic style.

  • SaekoraSaekora Member Posts: 110

    I've never understood the appeal of the Skaven. The Lizardmen or Beasts of Chaos, to me, would be a much cooler addition.

  • NoanNoan Member Posts: 97

    Just can't wait for the Skaven. <3 this race.

    Actually this race should be vs all since everyone hates them and they do the same.

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    Not Any Other FF Character.

  • FE|TachyonFE|Tachyon Member UncommonPosts: 652

    I hate this guy.   How general can your answers be?   Warhammer is like BATMAN!! (Hes said this on 4 other interviews)  Its the general Idea of Warhammer applied to MMO.

  • StuntyCrushaStuntyCrusha Member UncommonPosts: 108

    I'll be watching for Skaven vs Lizardmen in the first expansion.  After that I'm thinking Beastmen vs Wood Elves. then Vampire Counts vs Bretonnia, and finally the 2 bastard stepchildren who don't fit in anywhere...Tomb Kings vs Ogre Kingdoms (who coincidently have nothing linking them...but given 3+ years to work on the matter I'm sure GW can spin some new lore to pit the two against each other).  

  • KukulcanKukulcan Member Posts: 26

    who cares what will be in the first expansion? the game must go live first ;)...

    but skaven would be cool. Although Id really love to play a wood elf char.

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