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AA still for sale

VirgoThreeVirgoThree Member UncommonPosts: 1,198

I find it interesting with these MMO's that are shutting down, yet they still sell the retail boxes at stores like wal-mart or EB. I remember they did that with AC2 as well. It's a shame that this game didn't do better.



  • MackerniMackerni Member Posts: 230

    They're desperately trying to recover from their loses. It's sad to think of all the MMOGs that try something different just to fail and look at WoW - the most traditional of them all with what - a TALENT system that is the biggest UNIQUE thing about it - and it has 8 million subscriptions? Fuck that.

  • SnipehunterSnipehunter Member UncommonPosts: 29

    This is the retailers trying to screw you - NCSoft requested all boxes be pulled from shelves like a month ago.  They were told, according to the game's producer, that this had happened, so any copy you see on the shelves now is basically a "rogue copy."


    Worse, the keys in them won't work since the folks at NC already turned them all off.  You should tell your wal-marts and the like they're commiting fraud and copyright violations... or don't and buy it and then sue them after the fact. ;)

    Actually, maybe I'll stop at wal-mart on the way home from work...

  • SelekSelek Member Posts: 236

    my local EB still sells ENDLESS AGES, which is canceled.. and so is its sequal....


  • MandyMandy Member Posts: 132


    on your account page the reactivate is off as well.


    Its kind of sad to see this game go. It was different thats for sure.

  • JonnyHelfireJonnyHelfire Member Posts: 125

    isnt this game for the xbox 360? wow i didnt know it was a mmorpg, and i thoguht there was a auto assualt 2 for the ps3

  • diaboyosdiaboyos Member Posts: 209

    I know.  I saw this in Best Buy just a few days ago.  I got the manager over there and told him that the game was no longer playable because the servers were closed after August 31st.  He just kinda snickered and shrugged.  I went again earlier today and they are still on the shelf.

    I know one thing.  If I bought this game and discovered it wasn't playable then they wouldn't let me return it because it had been opened I would be royally pissed.

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  • stuttestutte Member Posts: 3

    I think you are thinking of Full Auto... Car racing game with guns.

  • kaberiskaberis Member Posts: 3

    I found a copy of AA still for sale in Plaisio stores in Athens.

    That was quite a fun

  • KalafaxKalafax Member UncommonPosts: 539

    was so good in beta

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