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UXO Weekly Fan Update #5!


June 4th, 2004


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The Epic Journey Part 1 Wallpaper
by ConerVallore


The Guardian Visits
by Derrin

That night, when the others fell asleep, Kojak took the first watch. All the hill giants slept with no watch. They had no enemies here. About halfway through Kojaks shift he heard something. He stood up and walked to the gate of the fort. That is when he saw it.

A creature in torn worn clothing, red skin and horns on its head. He knew it was the Guardian. Kojak strengthened his grip on his axe and walked forward.

Tell me why I should not kill you right here and save a lot of people the trouble of having you around? Kojak said.

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Power of the Magi
by gweizangguinivere

It would appear that everyone in Alucinor understood the powers of the Magi. Strong, powerful, and either a good friend or a deadly enemy. These powers are understood by those who hold the knowledge to do so. Although some believe so, there have been tales by the elders of such beings using the powers of Magi along with other great skills. Some say the foreign Barbarians hold powers of some Magi, or even the dark Necromancers, who roam the lands, feasting on as much power as they can; what does all this mean? Well, lets take a look into it and see what happened.

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The Madness of King Dagor Lhach Part 2
by Blond Knight

Snowstorm or not, reaching the Frost Giant Citadel was imperative. I stretched my naked body one last time and bundled up. I was determined to ward off tension and muscle strain. The last of the wolf meat was rationed and dried out. I let out a heavy sigh and began the ascent. Rowena flew right beside me. The whistle of the wind provided a lovely rhythm. Only a handful of beings have ever reached the Citadel and lived to tell their tale. The only known route was straight up!

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Community News!

The Silence Continues!
Not much happened this week in the land of UXO. The devs are still not updating the UXO web site and have not posted in over 3 weeks. The word right now is that the devs are working on a major revision of the game right now and do not want anyone talking about the game until the revision is finalized. At this time we do not know what specifically they are working on however the have said it will look ‘bad at first… but it will really be good’.

April Says Farwell
In other UXO new, April of UXO Vault gave up her position of site manager earlier in the week. She said it has nothing to do with the current state of the game and that she is leaving for personal reasons. She will be missed within the community. There is still no word on who will be replacing her in the weeks to come. Keep an eye out for updates!

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That’s it for this week. Keep an eye out for next weeks ‘UXO Weekly Fan Update!’

If you see a good post, some new fiction, artwork, or if you would like to submit your own work feel free to send me a pm or e-mail and I will make sure it will be in next weeks update!

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