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RF Online worth playing?

XeratuleXeratule Member Posts: 8

I played Lineage 2 up to lvl 54 when the game first came out, but after going red, dying and losing months of hard work, I just couldn't take it. I loved the game because of the Anime and PvP theme, but I definitely will never miss the grind that I endured.

After recently searching for a game(bored to death), I came up with RF Online. The art style is the splitting image of Lineage 2, and the fact that it is a Fantasy/Sci-fi hybrid is a huge plus in my book. Moreover, it seems people can achieve lvl 30-40 (out of 50) in 1 day. The PvP is also suppose to be great, so I loaded up the 7 day trial to give it a whirl.

The first thing I noticed is that the character creation was shallowest character creation that I have ever experienced. I thought Lineage 2's character creation was shallow, but this one took the cake. There were like 3-5 faces that looked all too similar(Cora), around 5 hair styles, but worst part about it, the game would not even let me change the hair color of my character.

Now, I know that that I should not write a game off because of lousy character creation, but it made me wonder if the rest of the game would be this shallow. I logged in and played to around lvl 5, and knew off the bat that this game is going to be a grind game, I read up about the grind, and seeing that it can take up to 6 months to reach level 50 after the short grind to 40.(Is the grind going to actually be THAT long?)

With that said, anyone know if I'll be wasting my time if I continue with this game? If so, is there any other Anime themed PvP game with a low grind worth trying?

I'm currently waiting for Aion, but I need a short term fix until then.

Thanks in advanced.


  • GameloadingGameloading Member UncommonPosts: 14,182

    Imo, now is not a good time to start. RF online is really about the PVP, and the pvp happens to be all about on items and levels, there is strategy involved in mass pvp, but mostly about levels. You'll have a blast if you played since launch, but if you didn't...its going to take a looooong time to catch up, and since the game does not have a healthy new player base, you're not going to fight a lot of people of your own level anytime soon. The game is going f2p with the next episode update, I suggest you start then.

    As for other MMO's, I suggest ArchLord and Ragnarok Online. ArchLord is f2p, and RO is p2p but imo, RO is a much better game.



  • XeratuleXeratule Member Posts: 8

    Alright, I'll make sure to give it a try when it goes f2p. :)

  • valunvalun Member UncommonPosts: 203
    Try RF,it won't take you long to realise do you like it or not.But if you looking for same feelings as in Lineage2 I really suggest to try Anarchy Online!

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  • pyrofreakpyrofreak Member UncommonPosts: 1,481

    I wouldn't bother with RF Online until they finally get bumped up to Episode 2.5. It's coming "soon" which in Codemasters speak equals sometime around.. February?


    After they finally get it done it's going to a Free to Play model with a cash shop, and tons of major changes will take place during the process.

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  • Publish6246Publish6246 Member Posts: 346



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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 18,878

    I played RF online for quite awhile i think it was like 5-6 mnths,and it wasn't a bad game.THe VERY big problem i had with it ,it's its very weak minded community.The game in a nutshell has/had HUGE potential,but the community acting like a bunch of sucks refuse to ackowledge any shortcomings the game has.They do not want to see the game improve or get better,or even ackowledfge it has little to no content.The core of the game is fun and a great idea but hoenstly there is nothing to do other than to grind out your skill points or xp.Even the side parts to the game such as mining can be done offline[wich is a joke IMO]rewarded for not even playing lmao.The main battles for control of the core is also not insentive enough,as there really isn't that much of a reward to winning the battle.

    IN a nutshell the game needed/needs alot more content ,but the community fails or is not willing to see the light on that fact.So it ends up being a game that coulda been great,but the very lame comunity behind the game,are/was holding it back.

    All you gotta do is standup as a community and demand more content.They WILL listen and deliver or lose there bread and butter income,it's as simple as that.So ya i blame the community for failing this game,not the devs, as why the heck would they do more than they have to,if the community is willing to pay for a minimal effort.Like i said the core of the game is a very nice idea and it plays decently smooth,considering i think servers are foreign.

    This game goes down as a COULDA been great game of all time.

    I might also add,that i personally emailed on several occasions to codemasters,and got no response to botters in this game.If there going to have a  PVP  game that is all about high levels,then you deff can't allow botters to level up max level in a week,and have the game respected by paying customers.I have emailed other games and got instant responses,within a day or two,not this game.

    The GM events were also very lame.Here is why.I remeber my very first event and the GM specifically saying do NOT cheat or buff.We had to find some npcs i believe it was.Well no sooner did the event get off and ALL the players who could cheat by using speed buffs did.Even though the GM warned of taking action against those,he never did.This again shows how lame the community was.

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  • AlverantAlverant Member RarePosts: 1,238


    I played this game and it was awful. The controls were confusing and clunky, I had no idea where to get quests, build items, etc. I could only kill minor creatures and sell items. The manual is worthless and when I asked for help I was told (in very impolite terms) to read said worthless manual. Worst, even after I canceled my account CodeMasters still charged me for another month.

  • EvilScribbleEvilScribble Member Posts: 30

    If you enjoyed Lineage 2 then you'll have a blast playing Rappelz, best of all - it's free.

  • SanicSanic Member Posts: 10

    Please for the love of God, do not play this game. This game is only good if it is free! I was fooled by the intro and cinema cg before release date. When you think of this game you think of another KGG (Korean Grinding Game). I have quit since a couple weeks after it was released because of how horrible it was. I don't know if things have changed since then but let me help you start by nameing some of the flaws.


    2-Stupid basic classes=Warriors,Rangers, and a slap on Spiritualist aka Magic users or whatever and another slap on Specialist.

    3-Only for Anime Fanboys

    4-You start with 2 or 3 skills up to lvl 30 or 40 forgot what exactly

    5-They give you a how to walk crap tuturial then tosses you into the small big world and let the gind festation begin

    6-You will be annoyed by the pathetic grammer program this game has

    7-potions are your best friends

    8-You haven't played 20% of the game until you have reached lvl 30

    9-You will never be able to solo

    10-There is a very huge lack of storyline and story modes

    11-The quests are bascially kill 10 of this, good job now go kill 10 of this and so on

    12-Last player hits the monster gets the kills

    13-It is useless to party up for quest because then you gotta help your friend kill his 30 monsters after you have killed your 30

    14-When you quit they are so desperate to get you back, they email  you saying you never diactivated your account or you're special so you get another 1 month free subscription if you come back

    Ugh, this game is crap! If this game was free then it might get a 1/10

    Just to show how sorry this game is, I registered here just so I can reply to your question and save your life.

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