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Blitzkrieg Guild

SkapeSkape Member Posts: 1

Blitzkrieg will be an Alliance-aligned guild in World of Warcraft. This guild was started as a group of friends that have come from Everquest in search of a new game. Many of us have been guilded with one another.

Blitzkrieg was founded on the idea of building a guild of hardcore-cooperative-ambitious players and building a name for ourselves that we hope will eventually be known system-wide for our accomplishments. We're currently developing a website that will eventually help fill the needs of the guild. I invite everybody to visit it at We do not have a domain name yet, as this web site has not been under construction for very long. Feel free to post ideas, suggestions, or anything that is on your mind.

Also, for anyone interested...our recruitment policy is pretty straight forward. Right now, we'll accept just about anyone that agrees to the guild charter and is a cooperative, ambitious gamer. We definitely don't expect people to come with past experience, but cooperation and the ability to take criticism is required. Because this guild is designed to be hardcore, we will remove members that are not cooperative after the game releases, and that is why our current recruitment policy will ultimately work. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected], AIM (garathe6), MSN([email protected]), or on the message board on

Thanks a lot :)

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