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Need help finding game!

EllyicEllyic Member Posts: 8

Hello Folks,

Just thought I would stop by and ask for a bit of help. You see I have been comming to this websight for the past eight months looking for a game. I have had serious thoughts about returning to the gamming world simply to have something to do. I played Everquest for 4 and a half years . I played about six months after the Ruins of Kunark expansion came out, and started getting board with it when the expansion after the Plains of Power expansion did. From there I went to play some weird game that you played in the third person view, and had a Minotar on the cover of the box. That game sucked so I moved onto Dark Ages of Camolot. I heard that DAoC got alot better after the first expansion, but I couldnt wait. Then I tried to play SWG. Same thing there, the game sucked. I have a few friends that are telling me to get into WoW, but I cant imagine myself playing a game where the grafics look like a smurf episode on a acid trip.

So here is my dilema! The only game I have ever foud that I truely enjoyed was EQ 1. I would be happy to return to that game if they reset the whole thing over again, and started from scratch (I would even enjoy a FF version of it for the PS3).  I want to play, but I cant see paying a ton of money looking for a game when I will have to try another 4 or 5 games.

Is there anything out there that would interest a old EQer that has aleast decent graphics, and limited PvP with tons of PvE? 


  • sly220sly220 Member UncommonPosts: 606

    Have you considered EQ2? its not identical but it is nice ive been playing since it came out and i started out my gaming life in EQ.


  • try shards of dalaya if you are an old EQer. you will love it :)

    search the website in google :P

  • joojoo1975joojoo1975 Member UncommonPosts: 275

    Try Ryzon or a new game comin out soon called world of warcraft.  I bet that game is gonna take off and be big!


























































    LOL (i just love going to the end of the pages and reply on something years old)

    To Protect The Helpless From The Heartless

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Grats. worst necro post I ever seen, it is 1 1/2 years old...

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