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Very good beginner's guide + solved instalation problem and after all some of my experiences

DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48

I'm downloading game by now and I was visiting website... comic beginner's guide is just great!
By now I'm looking forward to finish downloading and patching.
Does anybody knows any other that good guides (I mean not only about this game)?

Usually it's soo boring reading everything point by point and here it's funny!

When I'll finish downloading and play some time surely I'll write something more intelligent than



  • DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48

    (I'm writing a new post just to highlight this info)

    I've been having some problems with instalation - in the middle of instalation, no matter from where i downloaded installer it crushed with info about error with writing some file.

    I tried everything and nothing, but than on main drive c: (I was installing game on other) I freed 2GB memory, by accident chose frech language and everything worked! - no errors.

    I think, that earlier i didn't have enough place for temp files and it caused all the problems.

    Patching worked very well - about 8 min and it was done. Game itself is really great!

    heck, this post editor doesn't to work well with opera :/


    and to claim, that Trickster simply CAN NOT suck:

    Nice start

    do THEY suck? I don't think so (at least not in this, negative meaning xP)

  • Rarelove38Rarelove38 Member Posts: 11

    Right, i agree good beginners guide though.

    Why all the bad criticisms? I gave this game 9.4!

  • DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48

    I thought it might be interesting for any1 who wanted to play...
    dunno when exactly it happened (been at summer camp), but game has changed - it's no longer Trickster Online, it's Trickster R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N (all these dots are stupid idea in title of the game image )
    I was really surprised, when after loggin into world, i found myself standing in completely different place (it was some kind of introduction of changes to old players and starting place for newbies). I also spotted some other changes: the tutorial is completely different (I liked the old one, but right now it is less schematic and simply good), u get more items at the start, including first pet (again, bad idea - i was realy lookin forward to reachin lvl 10 in order to get 1st pet - and in fact i was exping really fast), AI is upgraded - attacked monster doesn't stop pursuing you after 2 steps any more, there's also some changes in map, but i wont them list here - no need (they're upgraded and no complaints bout it).

    To recap: good sign - game is in developpement, creators are listening to player's complaints.

    And 1 thing started to suck after upgrade - some teleport keepers are no longer these great Bunny Maids image

  • sublimesmashsublimesmash Member Posts: 1

    For all of you that think this game sucks... this game does not suck!!!!!!!!!!

    I think ive made that clear now.

    I have to agree that the game got  confuzing after awhile. The bunny maids were so helpful and now i dont know how to walk to Aquarius.  Where's  Miranda Watty!? IF any of you have got a map of the new area, that would be helpful. Oh yeah, right. my Forum username is the same as my in my one in trickster. Feel free 2 PM me!

  • DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48

    There's one thing that really pisses off sometimes. Wonder whether it's my pc's fault or game's...

    i'm talkin bout in-game chat. whan i write with other ppl (usually with my party) i have to do it really slow - when i write normally ingame mssage lokslik that.

    And one bug (gonna post on trickster forum right away) - to learn new skill specified tmlvl is required - i had 19tmlvl and tried to learn mana rings skill (which requires 20 - i've mistaken tmlvl with lvl) it was grey and when i tried to use it, info-like message in the middle of te screen appeared with tons of /!¤3iAt/(^° characters.

    Next time when i'll be playing i'll make prt sc and post it to show exactly wth.

    But it's all compensated by new loading screens - many great screens (especially i like one with sea! - all four female classes in swimming suits in sea, great! image )

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