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Any new Books since beta?

JonathJCenJonathJCen Member UncommonPosts: 199

Hey all.

   I played back in beta and completed the first 8 books (and as far as that moment in beta went, the only books). I was wondering if they've added any additional world to explore, or added more things to do in the main city area. I was told stories that way earlier in beta there was much more to do within the city, but they had disabled most of the big exploration stuff in the beta segment I was in, in order to further test some of the story books and so forth. So, anything beyond the 8 worlds yet?


  • katriellkatriell Member UncommonPosts: 989

    Those eight would've been...
    Eder Gira
    Eder Kemo
    Kadish Tolesa
    Earth areas (including Cleft, Nexus(?), neighbourhoods, etc.)
    ...What am I missing?

    Anyway, there are now also:
    Negilahn + Payiferen + Dereno + Tetsonot (same Age, different Books)
    Eder Tsogal
    Eder Delin
    more Earth areas

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