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new sb player

metroid405metroid405 Member Posts: 1

Hello this is my first post

 Anyways I've heard a lot about the PVP of this game and it sounds really fun. I've always loved PVP more than PVE, and I'm tired of all the clone MMO's out right now (WOW,LOTRO,EQ).

 First off I have played the game a few hours and got to level 7 mage or so, and it seems great so far. I love the depth of customization of the characters. I also like the customizable UI (already made a good one ). The graphics dont bother me much, but the only things that bug me are the control, camera, and the pathfinding.

 Ive been told its important to get a good guild ASAP, but i don't know know very much about this game and I'm afraid that most guilds will refuse me as a "noob".

 If anyone has any tips or advice for a totally new I'd love to hear them. Thanks



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