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The TRUE character of RuneScape



  • SimiswimmSimiswimm Member Posts: 127


    Originally posted by mike480

    Actually 5-6million ppl play
    Seriously? Now mabye there are 5-6million ACCOUNTS.  But i highly doubt that there are 5million players, let alone subscribers.  Everytime i go to the runescape homepage is never says more the 300,000 people are playing.  If you dont believe me, then go check it out now.  Tell me if u see 5million people.
    Actually, that number of 300,000 has dropped substantially. I don't often see more than 160,000 players anymore. Even on Saturdays! Jagex has successfully cut their population in half.


    "How many high levels do you see wearing chainmail?"

    The only dragon body armor is chainmail, stupid.




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  • Jenus1Jenus1 Member Posts: 162

    Actually jagex announced 2 years ago it was 5 million free and 1 million subbed PLAYERS, not accounts, that numbers has since grown but hasn't been announced.

    and.. 300k online at the same time is good.

    If 5 million play you don't expect them to all be on at the same time, do you.

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    Go outside - Get a life,
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