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Too easy ???

entreri22entreri22 Member Posts: 35

i played this and with a couple high lvl buddies we found a way to lvl like crazy so i practically beat the max lvl in 3 days and the pvp in it kinda sucks


  • DrenathDrenath Member UncommonPosts: 6

    How long have you been playing the game? 3 days? And you're already judging the pvp?

    Yeah ok.

    The pve is fast if you pl yourself which is good because if you're actively leveling it's about as entertaining as watching paint dry. What you "discovered" is something that's been going on since the game went gold, if not before. It's nothing new, it's just the only way to be able to make it through the painfully boring grind of shadowbane.

    The pvp is what has always sold sb and it's the only thing it's got going for it imo. The siege mechanics and whatnot have been the only plus to the game other than a freakishly fast level grind (if done right) for years. Problem now is, the pvp and siege mechanics were broken by the 2nd xpack and have been repeatedly "fixed" with every patch sense. None of the patches have done anything to the game but further carebearize the game, and what's sad is, you STILL don't like the pvp, meaning you want an even greater degree of "hold-my-hand, keep me safe until I WANT to do something fun" style of pvp.

    Being successful on a server-wide scale, as was intended when the game released, is far harder than you can imagine. So no, it's not "too easy."

    Drenath - House of Errants

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