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Question: can the source code of PlaneShift be downloaded?

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83


I've received this question few minutes ago:

Can the source code of PlaneShift be downloaded?

the answer is:

Surely yes, you can download the source from sourceforge, instructions are here:

We provide compiling guides, we ensure the server and client work from the package you can download, all sources are GPLed.


The good part is that the code which runs on your computer when you play the game is publicly available, so it can be checked by numerous people for any adware or spyware. In fact PlaneShift has been proven to be adware/spyware free by 3rd party organizations.

In case you are a developer, you can look at the code and learn more about it. Learn how a game is made.

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  • maveric007maveric007 Member UncommonPosts: 160

    Not the question I asked. Can you setup a fully functional planeshift server from your source code?

  • TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

    Originally posted by Talad

    We provide compiling guides, we ensure the server and client work from the package you can download, all sources are GPLed.

    Yes, as I said. You can setup a server.

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  • maveric007maveric007 Member UncommonPosts: 160

    Will it function the same as the current planshift servers minus the art ?

  • TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

    It will be a fully working server, but will have just a base set of quests (tests only), rules, items, etc... In short you can think to it as all the technology is deployed but you miss the "content", so the parts which are specific to PlaneShift game and setting.

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  • maveric007maveric007 Member UncommonPosts: 160

    Whats the "other planeshift only" things not included in the source of your open source game?

  • TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

    I do not understand your question. Everything that's source code is open to the public, server and client. All the specific game content, like rules, spells, quests, etc... are just basic ones to test the client and server functionalities. To make your own game you will have to add your setting, races, story, etc... But all the functions and features are the same as the main server we use.

    Come to play or enhance our game PlaneShift!
  • pstruthpstruth Member Posts: 233

    Something I was told suggested that the art and rules are intertwined into the code in such a way that it would be a major undertaking for anyone to seperate and remove the parts of the code under a proprietary licence from the rest of the game.  Someone suggested that it would take so much time to turn it into a (legally) useable platform that they might as well just create a new platform.  Is this true, or is just something that person made up?

  • pstruthpstruth Member Posts: 233

    Originally posted by Tuxide

    That is bull, you can download the source code from SVN yourself and run it using your own art. SourceForge won't allow anything proprietary on their servers. The only reason other libre MMORPG projects choose to start from scratch instead of using the PS codebase is that they hate PlaneShift more than they like their own project. Which is quite a pathetic excuse.

    It really seems like a technical issue, not a political one.

  • pstruthpstruth Member Posts: 233

    Hmm.  It's not that long a read, but I'll do my best.

        25 [23:07:04] <Morrighu> game & engine are intertwined

        25 [23:07:18] <Cayle> with help from the planeshift team, it is workable. It is kind of spaghettilike in places. They have been working on it for five years and it shows

        25 [23:07:37] <Cayle> game and engine are intertwined in ugly ways

        25 [23:07:55] <KrYoS> And finding all those fused locations would be a nightmare of a job unto itself.

        25 [23:08:22] <Morrighu> yeah and then purging them, rewriting the pertinent sections

        25 [23:08:35] <Morrighu> etc. which will be a maintenace nightmare

        25 [23:08:57] <KrYoS> And then ensuring that your fixes didn't break it somewhere else because of the intertwining.

    and later...

        25 [23:13:17] <KrYoS> Personally, I don't think the headache of doing away the marrying of the PS from the CS code base is worth the effort. In the same amount of time almost, something better can be achieved with a different source engine.

  • pstruthpstruth Member Posts: 233



    Originally posted by Tuxide



    To answer your original question, I don't think the people in ryzom are referring to any legal issue, but the ability to customize the source code of PlaneShift. I'll admit the documentation provided with the SVN leaves much to be desired. I've seen projects such as Anepsosis choose not to use PlaneShift's codebase just because it's not as documented as they need it to be. Not to say I wouldn't be willing to write such documentation myself; I would, but I haven't had the time I needed to since July 2006.

     I think the code itself includes documentation of what each line is.  When I use to work with DOS computers, I would leave notes to myself in the autoexec and config files about changes I had made, why certain lines were inactive or redundant, etc.  I think the PS team has done the same thing, though I haven't loooked at the code personally.  In the IRC log though, they hint at the documentation not being always helpful:



     25 [23:06:56]  Cayle, what's wrong with maintaining that code base... The comments are ingenious... //*this code does something to help the game move along


    And I'm not sure it isn't a legal issue.  There are things in the code that are copyrighted and if you use the platform without removing the copyrighted materials you put yourself at risk.  Not necessarily litigation, but it might be as simple as a legally binding "Don't do that."  I agree with you though that it's more a practical issue than a legal issue, but there's the same challenge in either case.

  • pstruthpstruth Member Posts: 233

    Well I know for a fact that Talad has made a big deal about Planeshifts content being meant for Planeshift (by content I mean rules, art, music, and other stuff under that license).  Various arguments have been put forward, including the desire to keep Planeshift unique, control over creative works, and making sure that the works are only used in "quality projects".  So it is a big deal to certain people, including Talad.

  • TuxideTuxide Member UncommonPosts: 213

    Originally posted by pstruth
    Well I know for a fact that Talad has made a big deal about Planeshifts content being meant for Planeshift (by content I mean rules, art, music, and other stuff under that license).
    Don't really see what you mean here, PlaneShift-the-engine (the thing you download from SVN) is GPL and doesn't include all of that. It includes the source code and minimal content (such as NPCroom) that you would need to execute the binaries for yourself—client, server, superclient, everything else. Minus the compiler and dependencies, of course.
  • pstruthpstruth Member Posts: 233

    Do you know what they're talking about in that log then? (I'm not convinced.)

  • Marcus79Marcus79 Member Posts: 24

    I tried to download the source code and it worked! It took me ages to figure out how to do it, because I'm not a programmer, but I wanted to understand myself if that was right or not. The code is fully available!  

    How hard will be to make another game out of it?

  • elvenangelelvenangel Member Posts: 2,205

    To the above poster with the snippet of someone's conversation.  If your not familiar with programming then I expect that conversation would look confusing to you.   If im reading their intention correctly they mean the engine is heavily dependant on itself.  Meaning if you go screwing around with systems (an engine is made of many many many systems) inside the code your likely to bugger it up if you have no idea exactly what its doing. 

    This has nothing to do with art or content (those are usually created externally and then loaded into the engine like how you load a picture into a paint program).  Its purely to do with code.  


    If your trying to say use their code to make your own game but use their graphics engine it shouldn't be that big of a deal unless your just doing a whole ton of modifying / hacking.   I expect that wouldn't be easy with any system unless its designed for that sort of modification.


    It sounds as if the source code is design to be very specific and trying to make it do something outside of its bounds turns into a jungle gym nightmare, that or the programmers in that snippet aren't very good at deciphering & debugging other people's code (prays thats not the case hehe ).   We have issues with that sometimes where I work and the guys who created said code no longer work for us and they didn't write any comments explaining why they did specific things a specific way (plus badly written documentation is just a given with just about anything and everything in the programming world.   I've yet to find the perfectly documented engine for anything, just some are way better than others)  so we end up sitting around looking at the code and having to follow the data around to see whats going on.  It can be tedious enough to be annoying and aggrevating.  

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