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Need a replacement for Earth and Beyond



  • lanrolanro Member Posts: 15

    Earth & Beyond is a perfect game for NCSoft.  A few improvements to the game, add it to their growing family of games  and I think it would thrive; maybe even have a f2p/p2p system like their Dungeon Runners (free to play, but subscription needed for the very best equipment and improved features).

    Jumpgate and Eve were pretty good until your ship blows up; then you're back to the starter ship, and cash in the bank (if you remembered to insure) unless you were rich enough to have bought a spare ship and spare equipment beforehand.

    Darkspace is actually quite a fun game, even in free to play mode; though it's not an mmo really (hence its not being listed on this site).  It's more like a space dungeon siege.

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