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Server stability update.

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

Hi, in the last few days it has been very hard to play due to server crashes.

The good news is that now the server is a lot more stable because we fixed many bugs.

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  • maveric007maveric007 Member UncommonPosts: 160

    The real good news is it seems like you guys are finally getting it. Organizing to fix real problems and start moving in a forward direction ;) Focus on bugs not features like a normal mmorpg. Add features once your down to a very minimum amount of bugs.

  • TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

    We found out one of the major issues with the stability and it were "damage over time" spells. For now those are disabled and will be re-enabled as soon as we find a fix for those. Other spells are active.

    Come to play or enhance our game PlaneShift!
  • QueenofFoolsQueenofFools PlaneShift DeveloperMember Posts: 61

    Here are some of the recent statistic:

    [18:47] <Pingo> Server statistics since Wed Sep 26 21:59:45 2007: availability 92.5%, longest time up: 34.4 hrs, longest time down: 38.4 hrs, avg uptime: 5.7 hrs, avg downtime: 0.5 hrs.

    [18:47] <Pingo> Server statistics for the past week: availability 98.8%, longest time up: 23.8 hrs, longest time down: 0.4 hrs, avg uptime: 11.9 hrs, avg downtime: 0.2 hrs.

    Many thanks to F8ejf for his uptime monitoring irc bot!

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