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Freeworld: Exclusive Screens & Graphics Info

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The developers of Freeword have just sent us 2 exclusive screens as well as a nice description of how their graphics engine will allow for many drastic levels of detail - which will allow gamers of various hardware levels to enjoy this MMORPG.  Here are the screen shots showing the new high-rez models and textures:

MMORPG.COM Exclusive of Juggernaut (05.31.04)
MMORPG.COM Exclusive of Enforcer (05.31.04)

Here was the quote from Clyde Bielss at Net Charger:

We are now spending the next 5-6 months and removing all there place holder graphics and bringing in all of our High Poly/High Res models and textures. The Game will be redone Graphically from the ground up but still offer versions of the low end models/textures. FreeWorld will use a system that lets you select the detail level of every model and texture in game. You will have a choice of low,medium and high detail models depending on how old your PC is or if you just want to pump out a greater amount of FPS. One of the biggest problems we have found in MMORPG's promising Epic PvP battles is when you get so many people in one place it reduces the FPS (even on the best of PC's) so low that the combat is almost un-playable. With our detail system it will let people with even the dated gear to play along with the most hardcore gamers power PC's. We will be slowing releasing the new age of FreeWorld models. In the two screen shots I have included you will see two of the Void minion..the Juggernaut and the Enforcer. These models are the first of the Sci-Fi crossover models we are showing the public. I hope your readers enjoy these MMORPG.COM EXCLUSIVES.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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