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any games identical to rakion?

xm8proxm8pro Member Posts: 1

i love the style of play in rakion, i dont like rpg's where you just click on your target and then click on the attack you want to do. by that i mean i like aiming and using skill to take down opponents. i cant find any other rpgs like this, i have oblivion IV for the pc but it lags quite a bit. if theres any other games with this style id like to know what they are.  any help would be much appreciated, im sick of the hackers on rakion



  • xshishkabobxxshishkabobx Member Posts: 1

    try Oblivion or 2-world

  • skinnyboneXDskinnyboneXD Member Posts: 7

    iv heard fury is like it but its not free with item mall

  • A55A5INA55A5IN Member Posts: 175

    Fury is a buy the game and optional subscription which doesn't give you anything non subscribers can't get except a few quirks (like an extra loot roll slot etc).

    There is no item mall (items bought for RL cash), but you can buy UAA (unlock all abilities) which only saves you some time.


    I've heard others say Fury resembles Rakion, but I've never played Rakion myself so I can't say for sure.


    Fun tho.

  • anonymousseanonymousse Member Posts: 61
    Originally posted by A55A5IN

    I've heard others say Fury resembles Rakion, but I've never played Rakion myself so I can't say for sure.
    Fun tho.

    No and no.

  • nituronituro Member Posts: 5

     You can try GunZ


  • IcY-GIcY-G Member Posts: 5

    Yeah Gunz...I used to love that game...but once I was in the expert chan, and i had the best armor/guns i could get without having to pay...i stopped playing... :(

  • prince0zukoprince0zuko Member Posts: 12

    Umm (the game) Bots. It's practially the EXACT SAME GAME except you play as a robot (there are minor differences maybe, but its the same style of game.)

  • K.o.v.eK.o.v.e Member Posts: 227

    Originally posted by xshishkabobx

    try Oblivion or 2-world


    Haha he said he has Oblivion..

    Umm Tabula Rasa is maybe what you would want, obvously not like Rakion but I think its the right gameplay type.


  • lib3r83rlib3r83r Member Posts: 4

    the only game i played that was like rakion is Infinity, but it's still in beta and available only in the EU (lucky me).

  • deathpulse9deathpulse9 Member Posts: 11

    hmm guild wars might be ure choice, its like a stage game, with awesome graphics and stuff. problem is, u wont be able to excute diff combos like rakion, where u have to actually click to execute moves. in gw, its more *slash slash stab thrust and all over again. AND u gotta buy the disk or u'll only b able to play trial, thats wat i think. does this help? oh yea, and u should try playin wolf team, also made by Softnyx, but its a first Shooter Game.

  • deathpulse9deathpulse9 Member Posts: 11
    Originally posted by nituro

     You can try GunZ


    GunZ is only fun if u have a fast connect, cuz my keeps lagging cuz my server's so far. but its an awesome game!

  • Naraku430Naraku430 Member Posts: 11

    I heard that fury has a REALLY steep learning curve.

    Anyways if you dont mind crappy graphics (if the good ones lag too much) then get diablo 2, its really cheap and probably the best action mmorpg, and it doesnt cost much since its so old.

    If you're sick of hackers try hacking yourself until u get to a high lvl, theres usually less hackers at high level because most want to actually play the game, they're just too lazy to slowly lvl up or are following my advice.

  • ZoMBiEXxXZoMBiEXxX Member Posts: 107

    Rakion is a fun game and I have enjoyed it a lot over the years. I suggest you try eXsteel... its a fps that has a unique crosshair system in which you can melee, shoot, snipe, shield, and do other things.

    "Da bigger da Orc, da stronger da Orc. Da stronger da Orc, da more dat's Orc's da boss. No wonder da Black Orcs is always da bosses!"
    - Splinta, a Goblin in the Bloody Sun Boyz tribe

  • iFroobiFroob Member Posts: 52


    Based around mech robots, what look like "Gundam" robots.

    You can use sub machine guns, blades, spears, shields, rifles, massive cannons for sniping.

    It's an amazing game, really well made maps.

    Many different modes, I'll note down a few, Death Match, Death team match, Turf wars, Capture the flag, and many more.

    The most appealing mode is "Last stand", you and as many other players as you want, can choose a map and fight off wave after wave of monsters!

    Them money is easy to gain in game.

    There is a cash shop, what I personally think is a bit over powered, but I learnt to live with it.


  • LonehearthLonehearth Member UncommonPosts: 67

    Why hasnt nobody mentioned RYL? :P


    Its a ok action mmorpg

  • 175101144181175101144181 Member Posts: 10

    Other games made by softnyx are usually like them. all go into rooms and kill palyers. if you don't like hacks then try wolfteam. it patched alot of hacks. now there are bearly any hackers.  Well it uses guns and not swords and bows like rakion. so that is the only thing that is not the same...i think.

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