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Fast killing or slow killing ?

awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

Can you kill multiple monsters in one hit or kill a monster in 3 hits go on to next one kill it in 3 hits and so on.

Or does it take more time to kill one monster like most mmorpg's.



(ps: perfect example for the meaning of fast killing for me is MU Online...)


  • Well at first the killing is not to fast, but as  you get stronger it gets much faster, I think it is possible to hit 2 creatures at once, but i'm not sure on that. WIth the animations and skills it feels like your fighting pretty fast. I have not played MU onling, so I cannot really tell you if it is that fast or not. Though I have watched some videos on it, and I dont think 2moons is quite that fast. When you are a decent level it might get that fast, but I"m only lvl 14, so i'm not sure.  Hope that helps

  • GraklGrakl Member Posts: 12

    Of COURSE you can hit more than one monster at once. AOEs people There are tons in this game.

  • Ahh yes of course, I was merely talking about things such as swordplay, and if you can hit multiple creatures at the same time like that.

  • GraklGrakl Member Posts: 12

    Oh, I think you can hit multiple monsters with a regular attack. They just have to be close together.

  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    Thank you for the reply's, they were usefull. But there's one thing I don't understand.

    What are AOE's ? The only thing I can make with that is Age of Empires which isn't probably that what you are meaning.



  • daffasdaffas Member Posts: 56

    AOE= Area of effect. Like if a character skill was erupt and it would damage all the monsters in a certain area.

  • awesomoawesomo Member Posts: 31

    Oh okay, thank you.

    I'll start downloading I guess.

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