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Any comparable crafting out there?

luckdragonluckdragon Member Posts: 33

AA had one of the best crafting systems out there. I loved the refining, the components, reverse engineering, experimentation, and patents. It wasn't perfect in it's execution, but the concept was second to none IMO.

I'm looking for a new game with a crafting system that has as many of those concepts as possible. So far, I've tried SWG and Vanguard. SWG was fun, but there's really no way to compete with the wealthy, established crafters in a shrinking population. Vanguard has some similar concepts, but the process makes me suicidal.

Are there any other alternatives out there?




  • LithdovLithdov Member Posts: 173

    You might try Saga of Ryzom. Pretty extensive crafting system and a good and original MMO as well.

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  • RabiatorRabiator Member Posts: 358

    EVE Online.

    -Refining ore and loot to minerals. Check. For some high end items, the production chains get really complex.  Takes a large corporation (guild) to handle all of it in one organization.

    -Huge number of buildable modules. Check.

    -Experimentation and patents: Limited in variety compared to AA. There is a class of pretty good items ("Tech II") that is created by an "invention" process. Sometimes, you can get blueprints as rewards that require good crafting skills to turn into items. In all cases, however, the outcome in case of success is known. No unique items there.

    -Market system: This is where EVE really shines. All players share one huge world (around 30.000 online in the evenings) and there is a sophisticated market system where any station can act as an auction house.

    I think it is worth a try if you love the trading/crafting aspect of MMORPGs

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