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thinking about this game. need info please

punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

i would liek to try this game.

doesi t come with a game card thou? i would need that right know


but any info on how the action is and the people. the classes and races.


thanks for all the info ^_^


  • judgebeojudgebeo Member Posts: 419

    Didnt know if with the time they changed and improved it a lot, but at the first it was a Lineage2 with bots and most focused on pvp, so, easy leveling and massive battles, very chaotics and with crazy lag.

    Got a friend who played it, I recomended not to do, cause I was hearing lot of people that dont like it, but, he enter with some mates. And gives me information about from first hand. The game got great expectatives, but, it seems that dont reach them, 3 races, poor customization, LOTS of gridding (but with fast leveling) caos battles with unbalanced clases (seems the aoe wizards owns everything in the race battles) ... so if you can test it for free, i recomend you do it, if you think to pay for it, I recomend, dont do it

  • beauxajbeauxaj Member Posts: 245

    Unless things have changed drastically i can give you an idea of the PVP.

    Scenario 1:  1v1 equal lvl or close to it. swing/blast away at each other until one of you runs out of pots or gets bored and just walks away.

    Scenario 2: 1v1 with high lvl vs low.  Get crushed by the higher lvl.

    Scenario 3: grp v grp equal lvl. Depends on grp cohesion, focus fire grp picks each one off vs non cohesive grp, if both are equally skilled, see scenario 1.

    Scenario 4: RvRvR  see scenario 3

    All in all if you are in a scenario 3 or 4 situation the PVP/RVR is fun but it pretty much will boil down to "who has the most pots wins"

    This is of course, if nothing has changed since about a year ago.


  • KordeshKordesh Member Posts: 1,715

    Honestly, the chip wars were fun as hell, and it was a pretty fun game but the grind just wasn't worth it. Since then they have increased the xp/skill gain almost ten fold though which is better. Honestly, I wish they had just went with what the parent company wanted and went F2P. It would have brought people back. Personally me and my friend and his friends who had left a few months after launch would have come back for a bit had they done so, but there really is no incentive to start up a subscription for it at this point /=.

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  • eldanlocoeldanloco Member Posts: 210

    Have you played Archlord?  Have you played any other Code Masters game?  They are all the same online, a grind fest.  I am not a hater or a fan boy, I am just trying to give you an honest opinion.  If you like getting .05% exp a kill then this is the grind fe.... I mean the game for you!! 

    PS - Customization is lame, pvp is one sided, and mining for crystals = you keeping your computer on 24/7

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