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is there an mmorpg with thief class that allows you to be a thief

charizmacharizma Member Posts: 8

I am looking for a good mmorpg that has a real thief class i mean stealing from stores npcs and yes even players if your a registerd player stealer/killer backstap picklocks traps fence for xp ect...


  • SlntasnSlntasn Member Posts: 711

    Neverwinter Nights persistent worlds.


  • SpadaDelMareSpadaDelMare Member Posts: 4

    FFXI has its thief class use a move literally called "steal" where you can steal from NPCs and during PvP, from people (not entirely sure how the second works 'cause it hasn't happened to me yet)

  • zharotzharot Member Posts: 15
    Ultima online lets you rob any item which isn't blessed or insured from anyone. Have some fun with a thief there myself.. The new client is kind of in beta stage though.
  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,658

    Shadowbane's theives can steal from player's backpacks...but not NPC's as I recall.


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  • ArekaineArekaine Member Posts: 72

    Runescape has a very large skill dedicated to thieves. Only problem is, you have to play Runescape

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  • april12april12 Member Posts: 8

    No one said Silkroad Online? At level 20, u can choose to be a merchant (taking stuff from city 2 city), hunter (protecting merchants), or a thief (killing merchants and taking their tasty inventory). My character just rides around watching all the action and taking everyone's vendor trash they leave lying around (I *think* thieves leave it there as bait 4 merchants) (I'm lvl 19, still un PKable - in it now for the in-game $). It's really entertaining PVP to watch. U can get a mount at level 10 and loot while mounted. Merchants get many mounts to choose from. The game is full of bots and non-English speaking players and a lot gets lost in translation in the quests, but I think that adds to the fun. It's exotic. My favorite f2p.

  • RajaiRajai Member UncommonPosts: 331

        You mean like Everquest 1?

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  • queneldenfqueneldenf Member Posts: 2

    Wow, really amazing, the first time that I know there is such a kind of class, it makes me want to have a try, but I'm just wondering if anyone, I mean the player won't be affected by the virtual world?

  • PyrostasisPyrostasis Member UncommonPosts: 2,293

    Main games that have functional thief classes would be Ultima Online and Shadowbane.

    Only games that Im aware of where you can actually approach another player, look into his bags, and then steal his items.

    While the current version of UO is just a mere shadow of its former glory when it comes to thieves and pvp... its still one of the few good thief games.

  • Yukari_MommaYukari_Momma Member Posts: 50
    Originally posted by queneldenf

    Wow, really amazing, the first time that I know there is such a kind of class, it makes me want to have a try, but I'm just wondering if anyone, I mean the player won't be affected by the virtual world?

    Well, in the games where you can steal from other players, you normally can also be killed by said players.  If you're wanting to steal from townspeople, you normally can be caught and killed by guards or thrown in some sort of jail (the MUD DragonRealms I know specifically has a jail).  Being a thief isn't great because of the loot, but because of the thrill of getting caught.  If you play a thief only for money, you'll find yourself sorely disappointed.  Normally, the games make it balanced out so the thief still doesn't have an overwhelming amount of money compared to any other class.

  • LilaluLilalu Member Posts: 68

    Most Neverwinter Nights 2 RP-servers make it possible to steal from other players within the rp-rules. Of course there usually are jails also. But it can be fun.

  • MaurizioMaurizio Member UncommonPosts: 162

    I would have to disagree with many of those who mentioned UO, as just about everything good is going to be insured, not allowing it to be stolen.  Back in the day though i would have to say UO was prolly the best braking into houses during the Key times of UO. stealthing in and waiting for table to be unlocked. LOL those were the days. But anyhow You are looking for a decent system, Im not sure about shadowbane or that other game that was mentioned, but Wurm Online seems to have a pretty good system. Im not sure of any stealing going on towards players, but lockpicking into villages/houses, its pretty hugh thing. Lockpicking into locked chests, you know there is some good stuff in them LOL.

    Im not sure in any game you play now that thief professions is going to keep you 100% occupied, but Wurm has alot else to offer when it comes to game play. You can also play the game for free if you just wanna check it out for yourself.

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