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New Player's 1st Impressions and Concerns

AlkounAlkoun Member CommonPosts: 29

Ok so after jumping from EQ2 to WoW to WoW again to VG to LotRO to WoW again (don't ask)  to LotRO to FFXI like 4 times to GW to etc etc etc I've become less than enthusiastic about MMOs. Jaded even. It all seems the same on a fundamental level. So I asked myself "Self, what can I do to relieve the monotony and rekindle the fun factor and the 'cool never seen that before' feeling I once had when I played EQ1 and those other oldies?" And after turning the question over in my head and comparing what I've played to each other I realized both what may be the problem and the solution.

My problem: the fantasy genre. Too many elves. 

Solution: A different genre.

And so I came to EVE. I thought about SWG but everyone's scared of the post-apocalyptic wasteland it's become after the NGE. I thought about CoH but I had played that (twice, sometime between one of the FFXI's and the WoWs) and didn't feel like trying something I already tried again, so EVE was the next logical choice.

Now I'm no complete stranger to EVE. I once tried half of the 14 day trial. Why half? Simple: I realized within minutes of logging into EVE that the game was 

A) just massive. I thought zooming out was impressive... then I saw the map... 

And B) not worth trying out when only limited to a 14 day trial considering the sheer scope of the game, yet I didn't feel comfortable buying it unless I had more time to really figure out if it was the game for me.

So I only tried it for 7 days and thought "OK I'll think about it" and did so for a few months.

11 months actually. 11 months of jumping around all those fantasy games. Without much EVE thinking, admittedly. Which leads me back to where I started and why I decided to just buy the damn game. And so I left it downloading when I left for work this morning, and installed it when I got home this afternoon.

My 7 out of 14 day free trial character was, to my surprise, still there. I decided to delete him cuz I wanted to start from scratch. Little did I know that deleting a character would take 10 hours, but I'm not surprised considering it's EVE. So i set my character to terminate itself and created a second first character so I could run through the tutorial. After placing my pod inside my rookie ship and undocking, I was treated to the beautiful gameworld that to this day ( with everyone pissing their pants about directx 10 and unreal engine whatever-thousand ) is still visually stunning. There's just no other way to put it. I thought FFXI's graphics when they first came out where awesome. I thought EQ2's graphics were awesome. I thought VG's graphics were awesome. EVE is simply stunning, breathtaking, and awe-inspiring.

After weeping in the face of the universe I noticed Aura, the tutorial wench, was calling out to me. I tore myself away from feeling one with the heart of creation and noticed the UI, and felt instantly inadequate and way in over my head (again). I swore, however, to give this game a real shot. So I went through the tutorial very, very slowly and methodically. And that's where things went to hell.

The first thing that struck me as odd was that I can almost remember that with my original trial character the tutorial automatically started when I first logged in, when I was still a pod, before getting into my rookie ship and even leaving the university. But I chalked it up to bad memory and kept going. Then the tutorial got even more screwy...

Here's where I need help folks. Any new player out there who's experiencing the same following problem, or if you care to create a new character just to test this out, please let me know:

At a very early point in the tutorial (specifically the "Overview" section, the one that explains the icons in the overview window) Aura asks you to find a pirate orbiting an asteroid in your viscinity and approach it.

There is no pirate in my viscinity, nor is there a red cross indicating a pirate in the Overview window.

I asked in game about this and people were very helpful, however the problem remains unsolved. Aura does not ask me to warp anywhere, nor does she ask me to speak to a tutorial agent, nor does she ask me to do much of anything after exiting the University where your pod first logs into as a new character, except how to move the camera, how to double-click to move, what the overview window is, and how to approach a pirate.

Nothing about orbiting distance (which I distinctly remember from the 7 out of 14 day free trial character), or warping anywhere (which I also remember) and other things which I assume should happen BEFORE I engage in combat.

Is there something screwy in my .ini files? Should I wait to restart when ALL my characters are gone? Am I stark raving mad?

Please reply folks, I'm in dire need of a new virtual home, and EVE is nothing short of gorgeous both visually and in its scope concerning gameplay. All I need is for Aura to work the way I remembered.

EDIT: I currently have all 3 of my characters (my original trial guy, and the 2 I made tonight that I tried the tutorial with, both with the same problems) set to terminate. They'll be gone by tomorrow morning. I'm hoping doing so will reset any and all tutorial settings in any corresponding game files, though "reset tutorials" was already checked in my UI in game for all 3 characters. I'm still looking forward to any feedback anyone here may have. Thanks for reading such a lengthy post.


  • JonnyBigBossJonnyBigBoss Member UncommonPosts: 702

    Hey Alkoun. I'm a new player as well and glad to see you've given the game a try. I, too, have been playing as a hardcore fantasy player for a while. Little did I know that I really didn't like the fantasy genre and truly prefer Sci-Fi. There aren't too many Sci-Fi games to choose from, but I hope that changes in the future as we unlock the cosmos and more and more people hear about how beautiful the world is and how we are on such a tiny planet. In essence, my love for deep space got me to try EVE.

    Anyways, I wish I could fix your problem. When I started the 14-day trial about a month ago, I had no problem at all. It started the tutorial upon logging in and I even proceeded to reroll 2 new characters shortly after as I was unfortunately unhappy with my decisions in character creation. It proceeded to work all 3-times. I ended up not purchasing the game at the end of the trial because I got sidetracked with a few things but I ended up spontaneously buying it about 4 days ago. I created yet a new character and I was bugged just as you are. It went on with the tutorial telling me to do a few things such as kill the nearby pirate but it never warped me. To this day I'm unsure what the problem is.

    My recommendation to you is join a newbie corporation and just play the game without the tutorial. Open up the main site and open the player guide and see if you can find answers to any questions you might have there. If you can't find an answer, message myself or ask in the help channel. This game is a LOT more simple than people make it out to be. People are just used to a macro bar with spells/attacks and this game is about space adventuring.

    All in all, the tutorial does help a bit but it's easy to just ignore it and do fine without it. Try a few of the things in the game and see which you like the most. Try mining, mission running and R&D. Use whichever one you like the most as your main source of income. Other than that, where you go in the game is a decision only you can make. That is what makes this game so unique and desirable. You do what you want, and make of the game what you want to make of it. No raiding for epics 30 hours. Enjoy and message me ingame if you need some pointers.

  • SpornSporn Member Posts: 259

    I am not sure as to your technical problem but  in eve once you learn the basic ship controls the game is wide open.  There is no long npc story arc to follow to max lvl or anything like that.  The game basically becomes wide open.  As far as things like orbiting you will learn that things like the distance you orbit at vary in every situation.  This game is deep and is very complicated.  Just go slow and keep chipping away at it once you wrap your head around all the possibilities in this game you will be very rewarded.

    Also join a corp/alliance right away one like eve university that can give you all the basic training 10x better then any npc tutorial.  If you fly solo it is so hard to see things that later are painfully obvious, and in this game things get very painful when you make a mistake.

  • JennysMindJennysMind Member Posts: 881

    I'm betting the OP went into deadspace for the first time and the pirates hadn't respawned yet. I would just warp into other deadspaces until I found one that has pirates.

  • SheistaSheista Member UncommonPosts: 1,203

    Originally posted by Alekhin

    I'm betting the OP went into deadspace for the first time and the pirates hadn't respawned yet. I would just warp into other deadspaces until I found one that has pirates.

    They changed the tutorial recently, hence his new predicament.  You start out in space already (I just started a new trial), and there should already be a pirate NPC spawned near you.  If it isn't there, I would suggest first petitioning for a GM.. and second, just warp to the nearest station and start playing.  The tutorial isn't a necessity, and nothing really changed once you're done with it.  You can still go through the other parts of it if you need simply by clicking the other parts in the list.  But really, all it does is give you a very small amount of isk to start with.

    Just find an agent that has missions for you and go for it.  You'll gain plenty of isk quickly doing missions anyways.  Then, join a corp as soon as you can and start enjoying yourself.

  • darkfish0darkfish0 Member Posts: 65

    The problem is that the tutorial automatically DOES NOT start on second characters, for the sake of conveniece (sp?) :-) It has recently been improved, and all new players start in space, and it works a lot better, unless you've done what you have and are wanting to run the tutorial on a current account.

    Best bet is just to start a new 14 day trial, as i'm not sure deleting them all will do the trick.

    Really nice post btw :-) Message Tintifish in game if you have any more questions.

    Member of Coreli corp.
    We have the boosters you crave!

  • AlkounAlkoun Member CommonPosts: 29

    Originally posted by Alekhin

    I'm betting the OP went into deadspace for the first time and the pirates hadn't respawned yet. I would just warp into other deadspaces until I found one that has pirates.
    That's just it: I hadn't. Let me paint this picture as detailed as possible...

    You create a character and log him in.

    First thing you see is your tiny pod floating in the belly of a structure.

    No tutorial, no aura. Just you and your UI.

    You hop into your ship and click "undock" at the bottom left.

    There's a loading screen, followed by you in your ship floating in space just in front of the space station you just undocked from. Aura introduces herself.

    Aura goes over how to move the camera.

    Aura goes over how to double-click in empty space to move around.

    Aura goes over how to stop your ship.

    Aura goes over the Overview window and what the icons mean.

    Aura asks you to approach a pirate orbiting an asteroid in your vicinity.

    That's it. That's precisely the way it happens with the characters I created. Nothing about warping anywhere, or deadspace or anything. I was floating in front of the space station university I was hatched in when she asked me to approach a pirate that wasn't there.

    It's a moot point tho; I've decided to try a second 14-day trial as Darkfish suggested. If the tutorial works as I remember it I'll use that account instead then. No biggy. Thanks for your help guys, I look forward to seeing you in game.

  • SophistSophist Member Posts: 171

    Hey Alkoun ,

    If I'm not mistaken you need to warp to a Asteroid belt in the vecinity. If you right click in space hover over the asteroid belts option it will drop down a list of belts in that area. Choose one and kill whatever ratts are there and that should do it. If you dont see any at the first belt go to a few more sseing as a lot of belt are empty in the starter area. Hope that helps!

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 27,502

    I recall doing the tutorial about a month ago..and being puzzled at the same point....

    But...I do believe you'll find a small npc ship won't be red, or marked as a pirate.... I think I decided to approach it and at some point it suddenly changed to red and started shooting at me..... so I blasted him out of the sky.

    I might open a new account this weekend, if I do I'll retry this......

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  • RazorteetsRazorteets Member Posts: 92

    Personally, I'd follow the instructors of one of the above posters and simply make a new trial account and subscribe with that one.


    On the other hand, the tutorial isn't really mission critical.  Sure, it teaches you how to right click on something and hit Approach, but that's about it.   But yeah, if you've really got your heart set on running that tutorial, a new account is probably your best bet.


    The above post is purely my opinion. If you disagree, that's your right. However, don't be an ass about it.

  • differentdifferent Member Posts: 180

    I'm afraid I can't help with your problem. What I can recommend though is that you join a good,active corp. Be aware that some corps will just use you to mine for them.

    As a new player I seriously recommend you join EVE-Uni based in Korsiki. There hold regular classes covering all aspects of the game and their sole purpose is to introduce new players to the game and give them a helping hand.


    Once you've learned the basics you can set off on your chosen path, industry, exploration, piracy, alliance pvp. trade

  • vajurasvajuras Member Posts: 2,860

    dont listen to those guys lol there is -NO- NPC pirate. me and my buddy both had this problem. what you do is try to get Aura to skip to the Agent missions. find your tutorial agent. Get a mission. it will give you a pirate mission hopefully.


    now this is the risk. you gotta get Aura to go back to the combat tutorial. I immediately figured this out cause i knew EVE wouldnt jsut spawn an NPC pirate out in 1.0 space. but most newbies dont know any better. my silly buddy sat there in spacve for an hour waitin on a pirate. wish they'd skip that part. but anyway just simply get your tutorial agent to give ya the mission. get in there and find a rat (pirate). hurry up and lcik back on combat section in the tut.


    if you must, also click on Options and click checkbox that u want the original Aura tut again. for some reason it wont come back up and stay closed forever


    if all us fails go to 0.6 space and look for a rat. just make sure you ready to warp when u get in trouble

    people are nice in newbie corp ask them to help ya get an agent mission


    Wish they'd fix the pirate proble,m

  • vajurasvajuras Member Posts: 2,860

    other tips

    1) always have a skill training. some corps just dont wanna touch a newb that has no skillpoints.

    2) when you wanna attack something just simply right click it, hit 'Lock Target'. activate your civilian shield booster it took me 2 days to figure out that thing boosted my shields. next after target lock hit your blaster icon. that will activate it. next orbit your prey and watch yer newb stick do its work

    3) go to goonfleet wiki (google for it). it'll tell ya what skills to start training.

    4) run EVEMon and try to figure out your path. it'll recommend the learning skills ya need to pursue that career to reduce training times by a lot

  • AlkounAlkoun Member CommonPosts: 29

    Ok after trial and error I've pinpointed what the problem is.

    The tutorial is fine.

    The one tiny, insignificant thing that confused me and others about the tutorial is directly related to one tiny, insignificant option that needs to be selected during character creation.

    I took the liberty of creating a new 14 day trial. Upon creating a character and logging it in for the first time, the tutorial automatically started, except I was in my rookie ship already in space near asteroids and pirates, not as a pod in the station.

    Puzzled, I logged out and created a second character. The tutorial started yet again, only (with this second character) I was in my pod inside the space station.

    Determined to figure out an option to start in space so that the tutorial would make sense, I created a 3rd character. Scrutiny paid off in the end...

    At the very end of character creation, at the screen where you name your character, there's a tiny drop-down box on the bottom-right corner of the screen that was automatically defaulted to "Start in Station." I clicked the drop down arrow and lo and behold there was the option to "Start in Space." I named my 3rd guy, logged him in, and (yay!) I was in space and Aura's instructions about pirates and asteroids made sense in this setting.

    SO! What have we learned from this?

    If you're a returning player who wants to start from scratch and go through the tutorial to re-learn the basics of the game without bothering the community (which is why I made such a big deal about the tutorial... I don't like to bother folks while they're playing ), at the end of character creation, before hitting that "Create Character" button after you name your guy/girl, look for a nearly imperceptible drop down box on the bottom left and for God's sakes! choose "Start in Space"!

    Thank you everyone for your help in all this. I know it's dumb thing and I should just join a corp but try to understand my point of view. The game is so different and immensely intimidating to a noob like me. I'd rather go through a tutorial I can read through a million times before asking a corp a million times how to loot a pirate's booty...

    Poor choice of words. Thanks again folks. :)

  • SpornSporn Member Posts: 259

    I am glad to hear it worked out for you but still do not spend to much time alone.  Get to know the basic controls and get yourself into a good corp.  You will not be bothering the many corps who would gladly help you but beware there are people as stated above who will just use you.  This game solo can get very lonely very fast.

    IMO group activities make this game finding people with common goals as yourself will bring out the most this game has to offer.  If you are looking for mature helpful players send me a pm and I can meet you in game and I can hopefully answer any questions you may have.

  • solesole Member Posts: 78

    Nice mm some make those wanderings from one mmorpg to another .

    Yea I just did a 14 day trial to test out this problem. Yea CCP have remade some stuff :)

    I se also when creating a new char  attributes for the char are hiden under a "brain icon on the bottom to the left.

    + The creation process is "speaking to you now"  Ya also notice the meny at the last step of creation of the char got the option

    start in space start in station


  • TaramTaram Member Posts: 1,700

    I haven't been on these forums for several days or I'd have answered sooner :)  The 'fix' is to select "start in space" at the final pane of character creation.

    There was a lot of consternation from current players when the new tutorial went in and they couldn't get it to work.  That's the only reason I knew the answer. 

    Do the tutorial... it really is worth doing, especially now, and will help you in the long run as you'll have a better idea what questions to ask when you need help.  Another really good route for you to go as a new player is to join EVE University.  They are a top notch player run "new player training" corporation and are great about helping newer players get their feet into the game.

    Good luck!  And Welcome to EVE!

    - Taram

    "A ship-of-war is the best ambassador." - Oliver Cromwell

  • AlkounAlkoun Member CommonPosts: 29

    10 Mins before Afterburner lvl 1 finishes so thought I'd drop by :)

    I finished the tutorial and it was an immense help. You have no idea :)

    I'm also just keeping an eye on the Rookie Help chat channel to see if any interesting info comes by while I'm autopiloting to wherever.

    I'm following the missions and I've gotten a new ship as a reward! I didn't think I'd get one so soon.

    Because of your recomendations I've applied to EVE University. Unfortunately they're not currently taking applications because they're in a war, but I applied anyway for future consideration. All in all I think I'm getting the hang of it, and I've got you guys and the guys in-game and the tutorial and lots of patience to thank for it.

    I wanted to write this personal update out because I see a lot of people in game who have the same concerns as me and feel the same way I did when I first started: overwhelmed.

    It IS a difficult game to learn but you CAN get the hang of it. Most of it was deprogramming what I've come to expect from previous MMO's. And when you've "unlearned" all those old habits you learn new ones which make the game much, much easier. For example: travelling seemed daunting at first, but right click and setting destinations and waypoints make it a cinch. Right-click and autopilot are your friends. :)

    (Aura: "Skill training completed.")

    Anyway, thanks once more. See you in game...

  • RayalistRayalist Member Posts: 211

    Glad to hear you're enjoying EVE!

    The steep learning curve is one of the reasons I love this game so much, there's always something I havn't discovered or experienced yet. Even five months in there's still so much left to learn. So much better than the fantasy MMORPGs out were you play 5 minutes and realize it's the exact same as every other one you've played.

    My only other advice is don't stick to EVE University too long. It is a great corp at teaching new players but I got so bored of simply running missions and waiting for a war to come to get any PvP. I felt like there was still so much to learn and skills to get before I could venture out to 0.0 wars but the best advice I've ever heard: There will ALWAYS be one more skill you 'need' to train or something to learn.

    Industrialists might feel differently, I couldn't tell you there. The point is, don't be afraid to try something new! If you can tackle and fly EWAR, there's corps and alliances out there that will be glad to have ya.

  • Enslaver2k3Enslaver2k3 Member Posts: 8

    Welcome to EVE, and good to hear you are enjoying it, despite the difficulties!

    Should you encounter issues with the tutorial or rookie missions, and the wonderful people in the help channels can't help, file a petition to customer support under 'Agent Missions in Progress'.

    Welcome again!

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