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So how about the rest of those 10k beta invites "this month"?

Hasn't been any mention of it in days - but was said in the interview with FS on the 25th


FiringSquad: When can we expect the game's open beta to launch and what will the beta contain in comparison to the full game?

Russell Williams: Open beta will launch very close to the release of the game, and it will be the full game minus some last bug fixes and polishing. This month, however, we’re inviting 10,000 new beta testers into the game to give us a big jolt of fresh blood and really start pounding on large-scale game systems like the economy and port conquest.



More problems or a huge push about to come ?




  • drucifer27drucifer27 Member Posts: 13

    i predict both.  i don't think all 10,000 will get out, but i think a big push is coming.

  • TheGaymerAzTheGaymerAz Member Posts: 32

    I think they may have had some bugs pop-up with the the first two rounds of invites, but I think they are almost or fixed by now, and I think we will see a bigger push.

    There's a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray it's not a train.
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  • IbextoIbexto Member Posts: 277

    Well, I hope that I get mine soon, because I'm going crazy waiting for this game...

  • TheGaymerAzTheGaymerAz Member Posts: 32

    ***spins around in the corner singing Ba Ba Blacksheep**

    I know I really want this game now.


    There's a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray it's not a train.
    Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
    Final Fantasy 7

  • Starfighter1Starfighter1 Member Posts: 7

    Me too I have been waiting a long time.





  • ArawonArawon Member Posts: 1,108

    My sense is that the curent number of testers has generated more than enough gaming issues....LAG...bugs. etc....that they have all they can handle just trying to get the game to function properly.......Till they get the game under control they don't want/need more testers.

  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    They have added more people since their last actual advertised wave of invites (Monday of last week). I just don't think they are posting about it anymore.

  • VociferorVociferor Member Posts: 98

    It's been a busy time for the devs atm.  Look for more info on the site later on this week/weekend.

    And think positively!!

    You might just get in. 

  • toadkillertoadkiller Member Posts: 148

    I don't have any problems with things coming up and causing slow-downs and delays -


    My only issue is zero news or posts from the devs about status and nothing but references to an older post whenever anyone asks about beta -


    The June delay was said to go into beginning of July - then FS interview says "this month" for the rest of 10k invites

    Just would be nice to have them say "hey we have ran into problems and it's delayed some more" instead of the silence now





  • DubonEngevenDubonEngeven Member Posts: 96

    i know what you mean, I haven't seen much news on beta in a long time and have been waiting to get in a year or more now, would be happy for any news at all about beta, even if  it isn't good news.


  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    My own PERSONAL opinion is that after the first two announcements of the first two 'waves,' that kicked up such a sh*t storm, they probably decided to just invite people without announcing it.

    And I'm more impatient then anyone, I guess. I even have a beta key and my invite hasn't come yet.

  • TheGaymerAzTheGaymerAz Member Posts: 32
    Originally posted by hazmats

    My own PERSONAL opinion is that after the first two announcements of the first two 'waves,' that kicked up such a sh*t storm, they probably decided to just invite people without announcing it.

    Thats a good point it was getting kinda nasty there at the end.

    There's a light at the end of every tunnel, just pray it's not a train.
    Which Final Fantasy Character Are You?
    Final Fantasy 7

  • RadoxRadox Member Posts: 6

    I believe they posted out 3000 beta keys yesterday

  • toadkillertoadkiller Member Posts: 148

    Originally posted by Radox

    I believe they posted out 3000 beta keys yesterday


    I keep hearing things like this and that 2-3K more went out last week and all that -

    If any of this is true then I and two of my co-workers all with beta keys and varying specs from ATI-Nvidia and all easily meeting min specs are unlucky on the odds as no one has gotten an invite yet -


    Just odd as we all got keys early - had added them successfully and like I said way over min specs and still no one has gotten invite


    Wonder if they really have invited any more than the first two 1k waves or just pure speculation -


  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    The majority of people they are inviting now are people w/o beta keys. Just because you have a key doesn't mean you'll get in right away. I wish it was the other way around, because I have a key and no invite :(

  • FaelanFaelan Member UncommonPosts: 819


    I have a key as well. My system is way over the minimum requirements. No invite. Nada.

    To be honest, I'd probably have been better off just sending in a regular beta app using my wife's computer. It just barely makes the minimum system requirements and I'm getting the impression that they're inviting people with low end systems while letting the high end system beta key holders out in the cold.

    So much for priority, eh?

    I'm a big ol' fluffy carewolf. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  • toadkillertoadkiller Member Posts: 148

    I haven't seen them say the majority of people getting in are those without keys anywhere -


    And certainly  it shouldn't "hurt" your chances -


    Overall I think they did a poor way of starting off saying key holders would be put "in front of the line" and then making their own definition of that later on -

    Considering there were estimated a max of 2k keys given out if they are up to 5k invites I would think by now the majority of key holders should have been invited -




  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    Here are some brief quotes from Robespierre (FLS)

    By volume, most of our beta-testers are people without keys. They are selected based on our needs for testing. Criteria can include graphics cards, memory, CPU, past gaming experience, location, etc. And it isn't always the best stuff that works ... sometimes we need a SPECIFIC graphic card, or LOW memory.

    Again, beta-key holders are a minority in the beta. Most of the existing crowd is there because they have what we need -- a specific rig and background, and a desire to pound on the game. We add more people all the time, so there is definitely a good reason to sign up and to keep your application current (email address especially).
  • toadkillertoadkiller Member Posts: 148

    Thing is both those quotes are weeks old - after the very first invites only - nothing been said since -


    And yes , out of 10k if there are only 2k beta keys then it will end up most are non key holders who get in -

    But I still say they gave many key holders somewhat of a shaft with directly saying multiple times that "key holders will be in front of the line"

    Trying to spin "front of the line" like they did got the flames up and rightfully so -


    Now they just won't do anything but refer back to an old post in a locked thread -



  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    Actually, I pulled those quotes from a post made by Robespierre 2 days ago. (July 31)

  • toadkillertoadkiller Member Posts: 148

    You are correct - that sounded just like the same posts made once it blew up a couple weeks ago over the front of the line bit - and was why I thought that


    But in that same post he also says this


    "Beta keys are things we use to identify 'priority' individuals. Some of those people won their keys in contents, at conventions, etc. These events provide us valuable publicity. Publicity = free marketing. We've provided keys to several websites and given away a few in our own contests. It always seems to make for a small spike in forum and beta signups, which is one way we measure interest."


    So in the normal world , "priority" along with the many times remarking "front of the line" makes most normal people think that implies first or at least beginning or  ahead of "non priority"


    And still my point stands - they haven't done a good job of communicating this part of their game -

    There's no way to spin directly stating "front of the line" as meaning anything other than that -

    Then it's modified to "priority" but seemingly there isn't anything "priority" about it -

    And then for the main dev to go on Firing Squad in July , and state "10k in this month" , well 99.99%of the people I know if I tell them I will do something "this month" , strangely enough , they figure "this month" to mean the current month -

    I just think that it hasn't been handled very well by them as far as the beta invites go


    in these contests and promotions where they admitted they wanted the publicity they shouldn't have told winners they would be "in the front of the line" if they didn't mean that - nor telling a game site the 10k winners would all be in this month if they weren't positive of that -






  • hazmatshazmats Member Posts: 1,081

    I agree with you in the general principle. Hey, I have a key myself and am still waiting. But, nothing to do but wait i guess.

  • toadkillertoadkiller Member Posts: 148

    And I don't mean to sound overly harsh on them either - I get it's a busy time and things are fluid

    It's just the "free publicity" thing got my ire back up , as they had no problems throwing around the "front of the line" remarks on the forums while the contest and keys were still going out -


    Then the rules were changed after the game was started so to speak -


    I honestly would much rather them have said "we shouldn't have said "front of the line" and we apologize for those who are frustrated" instead of trying to spin what "front of the line meant"

    Now I imagine the complete silence on the forums from certain devs re beta is due to wanting to avoid having to come up with a definition of what "this month" meant



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