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Question about Dark And Light

akira1988akira1988 Member Posts: 6

hello i''m search now good MMORPG game and i have 3 question about Dark and light

1. its free to play game ?

2. how many peoples playing ?

3 . and its good game for playing ?

Thanks ^^



  • rbrickleyrbrickley Member UncommonPosts: 52

    1. yes

    2. almost nobody

    3. no


    It is absolutely loaded with  bugs and has the worst dev feedback/info that I have ever seen.

  • agh50agh50 Member Posts: 124

    1. Yes   (but  Major problems with downloading and logins for about 20% of the people that try it)  It will remain free-to-paly for the forseeable future.

    2.  The world is huge.  The player population is small.  (though growing).  That is not a particularly good mix, but not *quite* so bad as it may first seem, as most players are of a similar level and therefore concentrated in fewer areas.  Peak playing times is about 100 players on; perhaps a bit more. (roughly).  There is only a single server as well, so those players are scattered across the world's time zones.  Language issues can also occur at times.

    3.  The game play mechanics themselves are not so bad as you may read, but are plagued with instability issues, poor preformance, and random desktop crashes.  Those are not likely to get resolved real soon.  There are some 'tweaks' that players have found for some of these issues, but they are sort of 'hit or miss' depending on your computer specs.  As far as the customer support or technical help, players are pretty much on their own. 


    I like it,  many hate it.

  • CholaynaCholayna Member Posts: 1,604



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