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Please help me find my perfect MMO!!!!

Ok, heres the deal.

basically i have been looking for a descent MMO for about 5 years now, i allways find new ones that i really like for a period like endless online, planeshift, anarchy online...

the only problem is i get too bored of the repetetiveness of the games.

i allways read a game that says "unique battle system" when down to basics there ALL just, click and let your character do all the work for you. i allways enjoy playing games for all the other unique things in them but once youv played it past those first few levels a game just becomes the same as all the rest, walk up to an enemy, click on it, wait a few mins, level up...

Arent there any online games that are more like those you get on PS2 or XBOX? as in, you can avoid attacks by pressing space and right to do a roll or something and you actually press a certain button to swing your sword in a certain manner. or simply, press enter to swing, press again to swing again, press repeatedly for a combo, just something that gets you more involved in the game rather than simply leaving it to the character to do all the work.

there is one thing however i find more important that the fight system and thats that its fun to explore, if you have ever played the game Shadow of the Colossus, i LOVE the way you can climb about on almost everything and the acrobatics you can do in that game. i love trying to climb the temple and the thrill of getting those tricky collossus and finding the trick to climbing up them.

if there are ANY games that alow you the freedom to do that kind of stuff PLEASE tell me because that would be brilliant for me. im much more of an explorer than a fighter when it comes to mmo's (well, providing that the exploration part is actually fun)

any help will be GREATLY appreciated, im really sorry for seeming a bit pushy but im just getting tired of searching for a descent mmo just to find a game that is the same again where the ONLY object is to fight, and even then you dont even do it.

thank you for putting up with me this long!

Simon Cowell has nothing on me, iv been looking for a descent mmo for years now and i go through about 3 a week, iv barely even started!


  • BigMangoBigMango Member Posts: 1,821


    The fighting system you are describing sounds like Age of Conan.


  • FarquaniaFarquania Member Posts: 120


    Originally posted by BigMango

    The fighting system you are describing sounds like Age of Conan.

    I would say Age of Conan for XBox 360 perhaps.  You really don't sound like the computer gamer.  As you have been searching for five years and have had no luck, I think your best choice might be to go out and buy a console.  Try searching into the PS3, which is only 500$ now, I hear that some MMO-based stuff may come out for it.  And the 360 is great too.  Wii not for all this genre but the Wii is fun!  The only thing is that computer games have a lot more "freedom" that I understand you're talking about.



  • OoInfiniteOoOoInfiniteOo Member Posts: 59

    Hadra try Gunz: The duel at its free

    Sounds close to what your describing lackin in quest but full on fighting and stuff.. Its not really an mmo but something like you would find on xbox

  • hadrahadra Member Posts: 2

    actually im more of a pc gamer when it comes to online games.

    its not that i couldnt find any, iv tried most game. i just cant find the ones im looking for.

    and i have an xbox 360 but i cant pay for a gold membership.

    if i could i would get DDO (dungeons & dragons online) but i just plainly at this time cant pay any monthly fees.

    Simon Cowell has nothing on me, iv been looking for a descent mmo for years now and i go through about 3 a week, iv barely even started!

  • Yes, I am also looking for a game just like the OP is, but I have not found one to fit that description perfectly yet. I have found a few good games that fill the gap. You might wanna try a game called Lunia. It just came out with an open beta July 31st this year, and it's mainly story based, so there goes your exploring, and the graphics aren't  top notch. Though it is quite fun because you pres A to attack, and yes you have to press it over and over to attack. The fighting is kind of like arcade style and it can be quite fun. You get more skills as you go in level and the skills are pretty cool. The classes and customization lack a lot in the beginning, but there supposed to be backed up by some nice armor. I have not really found a great exploring game yet, but I did like 2moons a bit for that. Most reviews I've read on 2moons though were bad, but I liked it, so you might. Good luck finding that perfect game, oh and if you do find it..plz pm me with the game 

  • Agricola1Agricola1 Member UncommonPosts: 4,973

    It isn't an MMO but have you tried any of the Battlefield FPS? I play BF: 2142 and have fopund it more entertaining than any of the many MMORPGs I've played.

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  • CleffyIICleffyII Member Posts: 3,440

    There are very few twitch based mmos because of how bandwidth intensive they are.  I really suggest D&D Online as I always had fun barreling through it with a Dwarf Warrior.  There is also Lunia, but its gameplay is rather short and PC controllers currently aren't supported but can work.  Then there is PlanetSide which is pretty fun for a few hours.  Also there is Phantasy Star Universe, World War II Online, Aces High, Gunz, Fury, Space Cowboy, Shot Online, Albatross 18, Maple Story, and Ghost Something.


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