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Not getting any emails; why?

ltolmanltolman Member Posts: 55

I noticed that I havent received any news updates thru MMORPG

Can anyone confirm why?  I logged into my account, the email address looks the same and all my ALERTS are still saved and as I'm looking thru the News list, there are several news articles that are posted yet I havent received them in my inbox.

And NO its not being filtered as junk; I've been receiving news updates for "years" now; and I just did a quick mail search for MMORPG and nothing is being shown; so its not filtered at junk.

I'm not certain when the last news article I was given as yahoo is subject to delete items in trash at any given time but looking at the date; the last mail was in July 28th.

I see these news articles on the website and also these are the ones that I chose as my ALERTS:

Guild Wars-Posted July 31st

Tabula Rasa-Posted July 31st

Lord of the Rings Online-Posted July 31st

Star Wars Galaxies-Posted July 31st

City of Heroes-July 31st


Ok I'm gonna stop there; this is a trend I'm seeing.  All are posted today, now the real question(s) are:

1) What time were these posted on

2) When do members receive their email notifications? (perhaps how many hours after being posted)


Its presently 330pm PST and I havent received any email updates yet.

Thanks for any info


  • SekmetaSekmeta Member UncommonPosts: 3

    I'm having that same problem.  I know they said they were having problems with email.  So I changed it from to and still no email updates.  The sad thing is I was using all those years and it just stopped working.  I've been trying to find an email account that will actually recieve the subscription and so far none.  I even tried using my account email and still haven't recieved anything.  Not sure what is going on.

  • ltolmanltolman Member Posts: 55

    Well up until last week I've always received emails thru yahoo or rather

    When I registered thru MMORPG I've had no trouble getting any news from them.

    Just not sure why now all of a sudden.

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