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very impressed

NihilanthNihilanth Member Posts: 1,357

I finally bought my PS3 yesterday, and now that I've had some time to use it, I have to say I'm very impressed.  First, the outside of the machine is much more appealing in person than in any picture I've seen on the internet.  It's the shiniest thing in my room right now, and as corny as that sounds, it just looks damn sexy.  It's also much lighter than I heard, and it's SIGNIFICANTLY quieter than my 360 right next to it.  I can barely tell it's on.  Of course, what it lacks in noise it makes up for in heat, but I guess I'd rather have a system that vents it's heat out than keep it in and crash.  While I have to say that I think the 360's system interface is a little better and more intuitive, the PS3's doesn't get in the way as much and it's easier to zoom straight to what you want.  Above all, though, what I was most impressed with about the system itself (ignoring the games) are the universal inputs.  If I lost or damaged my power cord for my 360, I'm up a creek until I send in for a new one from Microsoft (more $$).  With the PS3, they were smart enough to make the power cord your standard one that you probably have extra of for your PC or computer monitor.  Great thinking on Sony's part.  They also added a wireless adapter standard inside the system, which I love, and the Bluetooth support is wonderful.

The only game I bought right away was Resistance, but from the little I've played so far, it's awesome.  It runs extremely smooth, and the graphics are great.  While I still absolutely love my 360, I have to say that I underestimated the PS3 a lot.  It's so much better than the press it's getting (which luckily is going away for the most part), and had I had the ability to actually get my hands on one sooner (and I don't mean the kiosks at Target or whatever, but an actual system in my hands) I no doubt would have bought one much sooner.

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  • n25phillyn25philly Member Posts: 1,317

    Cool, glad you enjoy it.  I'm sure I'll be getting one at some point.

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  • Keebs1984Keebs1984 Member Posts: 1,356

    No doubt the PS3 is a good system. . .

    Can't wait until I get my own. However, there just isn't anything I want for the PS3 right now and doesn't appear to be the case for at least a few more months. If I got one today it'd just collect dust, something thats not good for a console or my wallet.

    When is the first JRPG supposed to come out for the PS3? I am surprised that the 360 is going to get one before the PS3 (Blue Dragon) in America.

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  • TsollessTsolless Member Posts: 448

    What are the price on those now?

  • METALDRAG0NMETALDRAG0N Member Posts: 1,680


    Originally posted by n25philly

    Cool, glad you enjoy it.  I'm sure I'll be getting one at some point.

    Heh now we know why he trolls pro Wii topics.


    Anyway Its good to hear you ahve got a PS3 and you are enjoying it i personally recommend you get that rahter cool Racing game [cant remember the name tho] but i can tell you the graphics are shockingly stunning [no wonder they generate a lot of heat]. I hope you get hours of good gaming.


    The main reson im not getting one BTW is due to the fact there is nothing i want to play on it.

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  • b0rderline99b0rderline99 Member Posts: 1,441

    i think the PS3 will pull what the XBOX did last gen, where it sells more than its competitors near the end of the cycle

    and i can see why, i forget what games i played for it, but the graphics were great and ran soo smooth

    but i can also say that it was really solid, especially when everyone around me was complaining how their 360 was breaking or something similar

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