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Hate to say "I told you so"...

LithdovLithdov Member Posts: 173

I take no pleasure in Auto Assault's demise. I played this game for some time and found it to be a very refreshing and enjoyable MMO with a number of features that I would like to see in other games, but, as many have argued for some time, there just wasn't enough content there to justify a monthly fee. This game was bleeding money, and NCSoft/NetDevil just kept pretending like there wasn't a problem. Look, when your game is being given away for free with the purchase of any other PC game (not a specific game, ANY game) at multiple major retailers (including GameStop/EB, where I work), you have a problem, and you're not fooling anyone. Had they switched to a F2P model, I truly believe it would've stopped the hemorraging and drawn in new players. A one-time payment will always be a more attractive prospect to the general gaming populace than a game that you get for free but then pay $15 a month for, especially a game with as iffy word-of-mouth surrounding it as AA.

The game's failure is in no way the community's fault. That as many people stuck with the game for as long as they did is a testament to the number of positives AA had going for it. It's too bad NCSoft and NetDevil weren't willing to try something different to save the game and it came to this.

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  • ZorvanZorvan Member CommonPosts: 8,912

    They should have never done Dungeon Runners, and made Auto Assault free instead. They could have made so much more money from selling the game ala Guild Wars and having no monthly subscription. The game sales themselves could have paid for at least a modicum of bug fixes, if nothing else. But they would have had to implement more gameplay involving people's character, rather than their vehicle, to have been really successful. The potential for greatness was there, but like many before them, NCSoft failed to recognize it in time.

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