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Levels 1-10 in Corum Online...

Manson_FanManson_Fan Member Posts: 46

Well, I must say this game was fun to start out with... until level 10 which you can get in about 5 minutes. I guess what really got me was the lack of detail and controls. Z, X, C, V, and F1-F12 were supposed to be skill settings, but hard to figure out how to set them since you get no directions. Camera movement sucks. There is no other way to move the camera other than the arrow keys and even then it will move either really slow or really fast. Oh yeah, it's a point and click. No WASD controls whatsoever except to open windows. I have to admit, this game is very easy to level in (probably too soon to speak...), but I have played MUCH better games than this. I think even Voyage Century is better...



  • Same. I thought this game was great until after level 10. Then i started playing Rappelz, but then that started getting boring.

  • scuubeedooscuubeedoo Member Posts: 458

    arrow keys for camera? sounds like it would play with a gamepad. did you tried that?

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