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Darkfall: Travels on Agon 4: Cult of the MoonBeast

RJCoxRJCox Member Posts: 2,686
The 4th installment of the 'Travels on Agon' series has been added.  In this entry Torgrim Eriksson gives us a sneak peek at the Cult of the Moon-Beast:
"This is a long shot, northman. A bindstone in the middle of a Cult village, and we're supposed to just swan in there, kill everyone, and take it over? It all sounds vaguely suicidal. And that's supposing we're not killed by gnolls first, which I personally..."

"Come on, Linetha," I interrupted, in a slightly more exasperated tone than intended. "We've discussed this already, and besides, don't you think the men are frightened enough as it is?" I nodded towards young Will Stoneham from Mercia , who recently fired three arrows at a passing squirrel while yelling "They're here! They're here! oh."

The 'they' in question were gnoll tribesmen, who dominated the forest-clad wilderness we were traveling through. Driven from their hunting grounds in the central Tribelands, gnolls still linger in the peripheries, nursing an implacable hatred for their conquerors. Though more primitive and less physically intimidating than the mahirim, they possess great ferocity and finely-honed hunting instincts.

You can read the full article here, and vote on Torgrim's destination for the 5th installment here.


Richard J. Cox
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