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Star Wars Galaxies: Lightsabre Resistance

AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623

Megatomix is reporting that they have captured screen shots from the SWG test servers that show armor items that posess resistances to lightsabre attacks.  Until now there has not been such a resistance in game.

You can see full size screen shots and catch a glimpse of a new mandalorian helmet that also has lightsabre resistance at this link.


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  • traineytrainey Member Posts: 13

    Enough already. This game needs to be renamed Knights of the 'New' Republic.

    This is just one more step towards total Jedi saturation. I was a fan of this game pre-beta, and I stuck with it right up until a few weeks ago. But I've finally cancelled both of my accounts.

    They dropped the ball big time with this one - the've done nothing but play to the whining masses of players that make up this game by giving them everything they want (jedi - fett armor) regardless of timing. If they had set this game well after or well before the current game timeline it would be great. But they didn't. They set the bar too high, and didn't even come close to brushing up against it, let alone getting over.


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