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Graphics Lag

findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112

My friend just got this game and wants me to join up...  I'm all for it but I have a concern.

My friend has a nice 128 mb graphics card and a good chunk of RAM, the game runs great (he still has to turn some of the settings down though)

I however have a mediocre 32 mb graphics card and 512mb RAM.  I'm more than willing to play on lowest settings as graphics have never been important to me... But will I be able to run the game at all???  Or will my card slow the game to the point of unplayable?   

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  • TeeiTeei Member Posts: 175

    32mb graphic card? Dude, you need atleast 64mb now, ands it's pretty cheap. If you can play other 3D games then you might be able to play CoH with all the setting turn down

  • BigcapoBigcapo Member UncommonPosts: 58

    You should definitely look towards an upgrade for a video card. Finding one that will be better than your 32mb card should be a cinch. You can easily find one below $100 USD that will most likely have 128mb, and if not 128mb, definitely 64mb.

    When I first started during the beta a few months ago, I was using a system that was already about 3yrs old, the newest thing in it was the vid card (Geforce 4 Ti4600 128mb). It ran incredibly well for me with all the settings at default. I removed the shadows and noticed an even better boost in framerate.

    I recommend if you can order something online, check out sites like PriceWatch, PriceGrabber, or even NewEgg. If your unable to order online, go check out a local computer store, or perhaps even a BestBuy. You should be able to find something cheap that will be a nice upgrade from your current card.

    If your looking to spend around $100 or so, there is a nice deal on a Radeon 9600 Pro here. For $110 and free shipping, you most likely can't find a better deal on this particular card.

    Good Luck!

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