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Epic 4 patch notes

BigMangoBigMango Member UncommonPosts: 1,821


Epic 4 patch notes, finally


1. Updated the lobby

- Changed Server Select Screen

- Changed Character Selection Screen

- Changed Class Selection Screen

2. Updated the Trainee's Island.

- The geography has been changed

- The initial quests have been changed

3. Socketing System has been added.

- You can now socket Soul Stones into your equipment.

- Soul Stones add stats to your equipment.

- There are 3 grades of Soul Stones and multiple Ranks.

- You can not add two Soul Stones that effect the same stat to one piece of equipment.

- If the Soul Stone is too high of level then you do not get the bonus

- Socketed equipment uses up Soul Power and needs to be recharged with Lak

4. A Donation System has been added.

- There are alters at several locations across the world like near towns

- You can donate items at these alters

- Your Morality increases with donating items (ie reduces immorality)

- You can get buffs from the alters if your morality is high enough

5. New Jobchange has been added.

6. Skill trees have changed.

- Some skills have been removed

- You can no longer max out a skill the moment you get it, each level of a skill now has a job level requirement.

- Skill cards associated with some outdated skills have been replaced with new skill cards.

7. New Skill Screen Added.

8. Creatures Updated.

- Creatures rarity type has changed, meaning the old "common" cards will become much more common.

- Pets skill have changed and their previous skills have been unlearned.

- Pets now advance much faster than before.

- Pets are more powerful than before

9. Food/Drink Items have been added.

10. One-Handed Axe Items have been added.

11. Game Balance has been overhauled

- Previous classes have had their skill trees changed

- ALL Items have had their stats changed. The stat numbers are lower because each stat is more powerful than before. Items are just as powerful if not more powerful than before.

-What each stat does has been changed.

-Monsters have had their stats changed.

-Items' weight has been changed.

12. Combat with much lower level creatures changed.

-You now can take minimum damage from lower level creatures rather than always blocking.

-You now do not always dodge lower level creatures.

13. Weight Penalty Changed.

-The Regeneration penalty from carrying too much has been removed.

14. Bags have been added.

-Bags let you carry more items. There is a new slot for them.

15. Drops have changed.

-Drop lists have been changed in general.

-Some items that would not previously drop now drop.

16. Creature formation/Summoning Changed

-You can now form a creature anywhere!

-You can now summon a mount by double clicking on the card or by putting it in your hot-bar!

17. Consumables Changed.

-Higher ranked versions of some consumables have been added.

-NPC Prices for consumables have been changed

18. Guilds can now abandon dungeons they own.

19. Weapon glows have been changed

20. NPCs added to the Ruined City

21. Range of bows and crossbows have been tweaked.

22. Some Rank 1 costumes have been changed.

23. Some Bow Models have been changed.

24. Many quests have been added.

25. Enchantment system has been tweaked.

26. The geography of some areas has been changed.

27. You can now cancel some buffs by clicking on them.

28. Fixed some areas where you could move through walls or other barriers

29. Fixed several exploits and bugs

30. Respec Potion now resets your Job Level

31. If you resurrect through fairy bottles you no longer lose your buffs.

32. Pets move faster if they are far away from you, slower if they are near you.

33. Pet corpses last for 60 sec now.

34. Damage from reflect type effects is now shown.

35. A new graphical option to turn off other players/pets in towns has been added.

36. Monsters movement speeds have been tweaked.


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