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New Server New Template

findnolimitfindnolimit Member Posts: 112
I'm a mage at heart... Was a good OG mage for nearly 3 years.  Never got very far with any melee class so I figure, well hell, why not try it for a start on the new server.  If anyone had a template for melee (any weapon) that they particularly had fun with I'd appriciate the advice.

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  • GruntyGrunty Member EpicPosts: 8,657

    With the ability to sell back skills and specialize skills after startup, it doesn't really matter what you start as. And it depends on how hardcore a mele'er you want to be. Not much a challenge anymore. But you'll still be second class citizen when compared to all the mages.

    If you want 'efficiency' in powerleveling start an archer, get a 130 mod bow, and have at it until level 20. After that, sword is currently the most powerful weapon without buffs, dagger & axe second, UA third.

    If you want to be a pure melee with little to no magic, pick sword or axe. If you want to be a mage with a weapon, pick dagger or UA.

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