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UXO Weekly Fan Update #4!


May 27, 2004

Fiction by RPG Freak - Part 2

A hauntingly familiar voice whispered to her, the sound both enchanting and disturbing at once. It spoke so softly she could barely hear it at first, mistaking it for the wind gently blowing through the leaves of the trees. As she fell deeper into sleep, the voice became clearer in her mind. “My sweet Oloriel, the time has come. I know you can feel that man, the Avatar, playing on your conscience in an attempt to get you to aid him. I know you far better than he can ever hope to, though, my dear. I know where the true pleasure in your heart lies. Come to me and I'll show you the way things must be..."

The voice trailed off into silence as images of a smiling male pixie began to cloud her view. Oloriel knew this pixie well, he had been her best friend and the love of her life. The memories of the time they spent working together to form elaborate plans to turn the humans away from the light the Avatar seemed to shine down upon his loyal followers washed over her. Arireloth and Oloriel were kindred spirits, they're love of seeing others in anguish and their strong loyalty to the Guardian brought them startlingly close together. As Oloriel pondered her devotion to the Guardian in her dreams the visions shifted to the last conversation she ever had with Arireloth…

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The Crossing
By CamelhairNerve

This is a tale from ages old
Of a powerful wizard as I was told
Whose heart was good and also bold.

He freed a many tortured slave
From masters no one else could brave,
But his own heart he could not save.

He rescued her from a dragon's maw.
Her beauty and kindness he clearly saw
And wedded with her unto law.

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Into the Abyss: Nightmares, a Pixie, and Fishing
By Blond Knight

“Seraph! Seraph! Seraph!” rang the squeaky voice through my head.

I sat up with a sudden jolt. My body was drenched with sweat and my breathing was heavy. My elvish eyes focused on Rowena, my pesky Pixie companion. She constantly rambles on and on about wanting to be a great adventurer. Her admiration for me can be quite irritable at times. Yet, my compassion for Rowena prevents me from banishing her from my sight.
“Seraph! Ooo, you slept for a looong time...” Rowena yelped.
“Huh?” I mumbled.
I must have had one hell of a dream. Why should I be surprised? Whenever I sleep under a full moon in a grassy field nightmares seem to terrorize my soul. Even more alarming was Rowena’s eternal smile. She always had a grin on her face despite my moody temperament…
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The Madness of King Dagor Lhach Part One
By Blond Knight

The bitter cold clung to my golden locks. After six hours of brutal climbing, I was halfway up the cliff. Every muscle in my body ached. I silently cursed as pain stung like a whip. For once I envied Rowena. Her unnatural stamina allowed her to stay airborn for extreme lengths of time. A natural cave was a few yards above. Hmph, one slip and I would plunge to an untimely death.
“Rowena, poke around the cave,” I said, “Kill anything that moves.”
Talking sucked the air out of my elvish lungs in this ungodly weather. Just a few more inches to the ledge. As I reached up, the howl of a wolf echoed through the wind. The wailing of death. Rowena was deadly with a bow. Her accuracy rivaled the greatest Rangers of Alucinor. I tried to grin at the thought of eating wolf meat. I could almost taste the tender ribs and liver…
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The Reaper
By Anonymous
Darkened by the light, a shadow like a knife
Swims slowly in the Forest of Echoes
Cold, heartless in the terror
The blades of hands he holds forever
Be weary of this creatures endeavor
Spinning evil, tattered cloak of danger
Full to the brim of and outraged anger
The Reaper, the killer, the opponent we fear
Walk with caution for he will surely be here!

Comical pick of the week:
By XorgThunderbolt


New Columns

Things I Hate That Keep Me Waiting
By Silph

It’s the things I hate that keep me waiting.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while you’ll have seen through the big UO2 upset a few years back when EA pulled the plug on the long awaited sequel. Are you getting worried now? There was no UX:O presence at E3, and the beta seems to have been put back indefinitely. The dev team has been removed one way or another and where has the community contact gone? It’s all getting a bit scary. So, what keeps you interested, and more importantly, convinced that this game will happen? For me its blind optimism, and the fact that there seems to be a huge hole in the market for a game with certain features. UX:O, in concept, has these features. More importantly, it seems that UX:O will remove many of the things that bug me about other games. Oh, and they really do bother me.

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Community Update!

Well the past two weeks we have see both a lot of nothing and a lot of something!

Some time last Friday (May 21st) reports and rumors started getting passed around the community about a highly possible e-mail announcement that would be sent out by the UXO team to those whom have signed up for the UXO News letter (see Thursday a post was made on the Vault forums saying that the e-mail would go out Tuesday (May 25th). Nearing the end of the day reports from Binky (EA’s new community manager) pointed to a possible Wednesday announcement. This e-mail was never sent however. It was clear that the info about this announcement, now dubbed the ‘BIG announcement’, was never meant to be released on the public forums. There is no report at this time as to when this ‘BIG’ announcement will take place but there has been hints pointing to some time next week. Make sure to check out next weeks community update for more info on this development!

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That’s it for this week. Keep an eye out for next weeks ‘UXO Weekly Fan Update!’

If you see a good post, some new fiction, artwork, or if you would like to submit your own work feel free to send me a pm or e-mail and I will make sure it will be in next weeks update!

*Next Week the Weekly Update is going to get some changes made to its look! So keep an eye out for that. The Weekly Fan Update is also going to become a featured section of UXO OGaming starting next week!*


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