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what its like

Hi guys, just wondering from you that are playing this game what its like, ive had a look around the forum and official site and im quite interested but seems a lot of work to get it instaled. IS it worth all the trouble,

Anyway thanks peace


  • xxthecorexxxxthecorexx Member Posts: 1,078

    it's quite a fun game, and applying the english patch is the only thing beyond what you would normally do to download and install a game so i'm not quite sure how it's "a lot of work".


  • GirdoxGirdox Member Posts: 11

    It's a good game, I've run into a few glitched but I think my game might just need patching but I can't figure out how to do that. It took me about 2 minutes to get the patch installed into the game then off I went :P

  • uberpwnzeruberpwnzer Member Posts: 85

    It's a really good game. I think it's better than some p2p games. Some quests are fun and theres basically no grind until you get to a pretty high level. Alot of customization. Awsome game

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