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World of Warcraft: New Wallpaper and Job Openings

RJCoxRJCox Member Posts: 2,686

Blizzard is looking to hire a Lead German Game Master, Lead French Game Master, and Lead Customer Support and Billing Support Representatives for Europe. You can find complete information at Blizzard UK.

You can also adorn your desktop with the new E3 Tauren Cinematic Art Wallpaper available at the Community site, click here to get your hands on it!


Richard J. Cox
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  • Clever_GloveClever_Glove Member Posts: 996

    Anyone else feel bad the poor cow keeps getting one horn cut off? Anyone have the urge to even them out?


    "We're a game that's focused on grouping and on solo play, you know, more group oriented, more solo play..."
    John Blakely Senior lead for EQ2. Link

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    Bartle: A: 93% E: 55% S:3% K: 50% The Test. Learn what it means here.

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