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My 9Dragons Mini-Review

JK-KanosiJK-Kanosi Member Posts: 1,357

Notice: I played this game for  2 weeks and have an OC6 Blue Dragon and an OC11 Blood Demon.


First, about myself. This allows those that pre-qualify F2P gamers a more complete view. I am a 30ish yr old parent that always stays subscribed to one MMO or another for P2P. I've played just about every game on the list to the left. I've been playing MMORPGs since Motorcity Online and DAoC in 2002. I love fair PvP, group PvE, RPing, and just chatting it up while playing the game. I also enjoy crafting moderately.

I was looking for a F2P game that was recently released to get into, because in most F2P games, the entire point is competition. Well, I didn't want to be behind and I found 9Dragons which just went live. I really enjoyed the storyline to become part of the clan, but after that it wasn't so interesting. The animations were nice, level progression was steady, and you had a variety of skills to choose from.

The Good:

* Up to six clans to choose from

* Up to 4 classes to choose from in each clan @ lvl OC1

* Unique customization (in the martial arts sense)

* Good animation and decent graphics (for an asian game)

* Not much of a need for the Item Mall (although items from the mall do help with xp)

The Bad:

* This game lacks the community feel (people often times group, but don't talk or don't talk about anything someone my age would be interested in)

* Forum boards are not very active (which hurt my chance for finding a guild for me)

* You soon figure out that gaining levels is the only thing to do in the game (there are White vrs Black wars, but they aren't worth the trouble of leveling a character up)

* The game has an incomplete feel (there is pretty bad issues with the servers I think. You can press a skill and it could take a while to go off or animals might teleport around) (My computer can run EQ2 on above average settings)(The game hasn't implemented the elite clan system, which are already live on the asian servers)

* The shout channel (for trading) is only accessible to those who buy Lion's roar from the item mall. This makes it hard to sell rare items that would otherwise sell within 5 min.


I did buy a 30 day package from the item mall, which helped boost my xp gains for leveling up my combat level and my Kung Fu.  It also gave me herbs that auto regenerated my life and essense pool. I also received free cavity presses, which gives you a boost of +5 to all attributes.

MMORPG's w/ Max level characters: DAoC, SWG, & WoW

Currently Playing: WAR
Preferred Playstyle: Roleplay/adventurous, in a sandbox game.


  • LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

    I was in a very nice hero band (guild) and a good band can make a big difference whether you will enjoy the game or not.

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