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Lets be positive for once

All of us as AOC fans and some of us fans of the Conan world/books ect seem to be frustrated with waiting for this game to be released. We are also all questioning about the rating of the game and whether or not it will work.

But lets all try and be positive here... think of all the goodness that is to come. So what its been delayed and so what if a few immature teens slip through and play the game.  There are so many  positive things to look forward to. To me its like waiting for christmas now

Try and say what you are looking forward to and what has kept you eager for so long.



  • MercscytheMercscythe Member UncommonPosts: 134

    Although I'm not sure about the combat system, if they can get it to work, I'm pretty psyched about that part of the game.  The single player aspect at the beginning is also intrigiuing.  The siege and player keeps/cities seems slightly reminiscent to some of the stuff that SWG was trying to implement before they went a different direction with the game.  The stuff they were trying to do and implementing seemed pretty sweet, and AoC seems to be taking that element and improving upon and implementing it in a interesting and fun way.  Although I have nothing against traditional fantasy games, and am looking forward to one coming out later, I like the direction of humans only and the race selection is just humans from a different region of the world.  The caster caster classes in this game are the first ones to actually catch my interest and try one for a first class.  The spellweaving and distinct direction each casting class is taking is pretty refreshing.  Overall, think this game is going to be pretty good and introduce some new elements to the MMOG genre to be used and experimented with by other MMO developers on their next project.

  • oblivionateoblivionate Member Posts: 224

    I am excited for the whole combat system, as it sounds innovative. Even rangers get combos for arrow fire, as well as stances for firing. Melee looks even better with all the different combos and fatalities you can pull off.

    PVP sieges and FFA servers seem to be a great enhance to the gameplay.

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  • EattenEatten Member Posts: 86

    im glad they are willing to change things and not try to just throw a game out there to make a quick profit...ya they could release it right now and be full of bugs and just take your money but they want to fix things....they said they did not like how the females looked so they are redoing the females...i hope they take their time that give vista time to work out bugs and us time to save up money to up the specs. for our computers

  • TibbzTibbz Member UncommonPosts: 613

    Everything will be ok and it will all come together when you slice off the head of an unwanted guest, bathing in his or her blood.  THen you can have a sigh of releif knowing you are now participating in the world of Conan.  Even though it may haev taken sevral years; life will be good at that time.  

  • FionFion Member UncommonPosts: 2,348

    It's hard to stay positive when your fending off attacks from trolls and fanboi's from competing games at every turn *executes a pole-arm combo on another troll, fatality move, his head flies off* but I'll do my best!


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