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Didn't see this coming...

hyena69hyena69 Member Posts: 16

My AA subscription ran out before the summer, and I've just returned from holiday, popped on the AA site to see if  I should reactivate, and BAM there's the news that AA got executed.

Stupid foolish me that believed the lies told by NcSoft about supporting their games...

Fool me once (CoX) shame on you

Fool me twice (AA) shame on me

Never ever will I touch a NcSoft game again 

To finish off I would like to salute the absolutely magnificent community that AA had, may you merrily blow stuff up in games far far away.

Untill we meet again in a game without elves




  • donaldduckdonaldduck Member UncommonPosts: 158

    You didn't see this coming???


    I made a post about this not lasting a year when it was in BETA, its was ALWAYS doomed to failure for many reasons.

  • ParapsychoParapsycho Member UncommonPosts: 108
    Will you guys shut up with the "I predicted this in beta", and "I knew this was going to happen" crap?

    So, you said it was going to get canceled and it did... Big deal... Alot of people were saying that. Alot of people say that when any game comes out, only this one had more because it was something slightly different than the average game. So, please get over yourselves and let the people who are enjoying the last days of the game do so.

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  • hyena69hyena69 Member Posts: 16

    I suffer from the weakness that untill proven otherwise I assume people are telling the truth. In other words I believed the bovine fecal matter about how they cared about the players and the game

    I have now learned that NcSoft (besides being incompetent morons) are blatant liers and do not realise that further down the line they will lose more money from people avoiding their games on principle, than it would have taken to keep the game alive or at least selling it off to someone else. There are far worse games out there being kept alive by their companies

    Let me see. NcSoft's next big game is Tabula Rasa right? Sci-fi right? Don't think too many former AA players will even think about buying it (except Tank that is )...

  • RhoklawRhoklaw Member EpicPosts: 5,339

    I think NCSoft felt left out of the crowd...

    EA - Cancels Earth and Beyond

    Turbine - Cancels Asheron's Call 2

    SOE - Killed SWG ( except some people like it now )

    WP Studios - Cancels Shadowbane ( but atleast it's F2P now )

    Then you got the countless other failures, Mourning, Dark and Light, Dragon Empires and closely following... Darkfalls.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 27,443

    My first MMORPG was Lineage 1 NA version..and it left a bad taste in my mouth, (sort of like old socks) and I have since played Lineage 2 (King o' grinders), Guild Wars (a nice game, just not my style), and COH/COV (well made, but lacking in long term appeal)

    Nothing they've done so far has thrilled me...

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  • AirspellAirspell Member Posts: 1,391

      This is why I try to ignore people who hate on publishers.

    Do you realise that Auto Assault was bleeding NCsoft BADLY ??!! They were losing millions trying to keep the stupid game alive.  You should thank them for staying with it for so long.


  • SnipehunterSnipehunter Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Originally posted by Airspell

      This is why I try to ignore people who hate on publishers.
    Do you realise that Auto Assault was bleeding NCsoft BADLY ??!! They were losing millions trying to keep the stupid game alive.  You should thank them for staying with it for so long.
    Don't buy their hype dude.  I did a little research; it had the smallest team and one of the shortest dev cycles of any mmo released since AC1 - NCSoft's claims of losing millions to "keep the game alive" are "misrepresentations" at best and outright lies designed to hide the ongoing costs of the ever-late TR, at worst.

    less than 60 people working for 3 years, with less than 6 of those people left on the game once it went live, does not a "we're losing millions just for you fans" scenario, make.  NC screwed the AA players with this and they absolutely do not care that they did so, simply because the game didn't turn a profit - in other words, they don't even want those players to come back and play their other games.  One only has to read their own forums to realize that for the last few months they've done nothing but lie to those players and treat them like dirt.

    Sure I do agree with your point; there's little point in hating on a publisher if your not a dev (that is to say if you don't see how they get screwed by publishers every day), but how does the way they've treated their paying audience make them the good guys, exactly?  Add to that the fact that they haven't released a hit from the US side of their operation, save - perhaps - guild wars and you begin to wonder why we players would care about them, at all.


  • chicken0chicken0 Member Posts: 13

    Originally posted by Rhoklaw

    WP Studios - Cancels Shadowbane ( but atleast it's F2P now )

    More like Ubisoft canceled Wolfpack Studios. Some of the team reformed under Stray Bullet Games, which still maintains Shadowbane today. In other words, Shadowbane was never canceled.

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