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do u want FREE MMO RPG ? ?

ToVasueToVasue Member Posts: 11

I recommand “CRONOUS” ( of all, PVP systems( 1 vs 1, guild vs guild, Union vs Union ) are the best thing I guess!! ( FREE FOR PLAY during life is NOT TO MENTION ;D )

it has great gameplay!!

It’s very popular in Asia especially in Jap.

U guys, wat I really want emphasis is PVP system, not graphics!

I really love this game and play with more pple coz PVP system needs a number of pple =)


Introduce in detail,

It has 4 char fighter, magician, valkyrie and savage.

Each char has own special skill trees and u can choose various styles during lvl up.

Whole game style is hack-and-slash like D2 but the Quest is so cool. ( coz story line )

Item combination system is also the main of this game!


Various maps, various items and its special item system!



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