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Dragon Empires: Preview, Impressions and Echoes!

RJCoxRJCox Member Posts: 2,686

There are several new updates on the Dragon Empires site worth reading, check them out:

Kelly "Ophelea" Heckman has written up her impressions of Dragon Empires E3 showing:

Dragon Empires was on its third and best showing to date at E3. So much is know about this game through its amazing volume of Q&As at IGN and two years of chats at Stratic?s House of Commons, that I find it hard to give you the reader, something new. Please, to those of you who know this game, forgive me while I give a brief rundown. But, I hope I shall make it worth it at the end by providing at least a little bit of new news from my showings at E3.

You can read the full article here.

In the latest Empire Echoes RobC goes on a rant about Roleplaying:

Playing with Lord R.P. Gimp

I mentioned in a previous rant that I like to solo role play, that means I like to "pretend". Sounds like something a kindergarten kid would say doesn't it!? But using your imagination is pretending! There is nothing wrong with an old guy like me saying it!

I also like to role play in a group too. But good role play groups don't usually come together that easily. They take time for people to get to know each other and individual story lines have to evolve together for it to really get good. Steady and consistent time online is required of every member of the group to make it really shine!

Check out the full rant by clicking here.

There's also a new preview over at Boomtown that is a good read:

Scaling. Get it? Like the scales on a dragon?

Godawfully bad puns aside... Dragon Empires will be joining the ranks of MMORPGs in the foreseeable future and will feature a world where everything is up for grabs. Clans of players will be fighting each other for resources, for cities, for honor and for fun. There are three races to choose from, all with five classes of their own. Fortitude (that is the name of the world) is divided up into a pentagon of empires, with all five of them having been shaped and formed to suit the 'personality' of the region's dragon.

You can read the full preview by clicking here, and the official site by clicking here.


Richard J. Cox
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  • _belial_belial Member Posts: 158

    It does sound very very nice doesn't it, quite looking forward to this one now, but with EQ2 coming out Q4 as well i'm not sure i'll have the time.

    I love the part about the monsters attacking you based on your sex, armor, are they in the mood etc. that should make for some really interesting encounters. I just hope they don't concentrate too much on PvP at the expense of PvE though.

    // Carl

    Currently Playing : anything to keep me occupied until EQ2 comes out :)

    // Carl

    Currently Playing : EQ2 of course

  • raptorfalconraptorfalcon Member Posts: 126
    I agree.. It looks like a good game but with EQ2 coming out I am not sure about what to pick. Also, I am afraid they develop a great PvP system at the expense of PvE

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