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Danger: Atitd and Paybycash

ATITD ( is dead, and not only this, they are still offering subscription by paybycash, be careful, I have pay for 3 months one week ago, by Western Union , transfer number 356-327-6186, that they cashed in 07/12/07 and not only i can't play the game how a subscriptor , but even the admins of ATITD or PayByCash don't answer my emails or in-game requests. I can probe that PayByCash received my money, ( Western Union confirmed it to me ), I can't prove that PayByCash send the money to ATITD, but Andrew Tepper attitude of not even answer my emails or in-game calls is very suspicious.  The PaybyCash 1-800 don't even work anymore. So, oh well, i got screw and i lost 50 bucks. ATITD, a great game, that is diyng, but with this kind of behavior this death is really sad.

Love all, trust a few.
William Shakespeare.


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