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This game is fun and addictive...

LiddokunLiddokun Member UncommonPosts: 1,665

Good side:

- Very good storylines and martial arts flavor.

- They try to stay true to the chinese martial arts world and correctly brought it to the western audience. A lot of the lore in the game comes from the chinese author ?? (Louis Cha) especially from his best seller novel ????? (Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber series).

- As a fan of the series I saw a few inaccuracies but overall the lore stays true to the original story.

- 9 Dragons is suppose to be set during near the end of Yuan dynasty (mongol empire), altho the setting in the game is set during the ming dynasty (where the people overthrew the mongol rulers and reinstate the chinese han lineage of emperors). This is one of the reason why there is a rift between the "good" clans and "evil" clans. In ancient china the emperor is considered a living god and those who supported him are considered "good" while those who are opposed to the emperor are "evil". It's all about propaganda. Some clans are REALLY evil like the Heavenly Demon clans (Tien Muo Chiao) they are a band of demon worshippers who revered the occult and do human sacrifices to appease their demon masters.

- There is really a Wu-Tang mountain in china in the Hubei region of china.

- You have to remember all the stuff written by Louis Cha is fictious and comes from both his imagination intermixed with historical facts. He uses names of people and places both historical and fictious and put them all together in the same timeline (even tho historically the figures portrayed in his story lived several centuries apart).

- As common in Chiang-Hu or Chilvarous Chinese Martial Arts world stories, people in it often have supernatural powers and abilities. Things are often exaggerated to produce awe and induce legends. This is one of the charms of martial arts stories that a lot of people like me are addicted to. Personally I often think of it as chinese martial arts fairytale.

- The lesson that Louis Cha teaches in his story is that often in this world,  in good and evil there are no absolutes. Example: Wu-tang is traditionally a school with a traditional emphasis on Lawful Good versus Chaotic Evil (in D&D terms). This doesn't mean everyone in Wu-tang is lawful good (in fact there are several members of the Wu-tang clan who is in the borderline lawful evil bent). Another example is the legendary Brotherhood of Thieves who are traditionally thought to live up in the Taishan mountain (inside the forest surrounding the mountain). The Brotherhoood of thieves are kinda like a robin hood figure who robs the rich and give to the poor. Their alignment can be thought of as chaotic neutral or chaotic good in D&D terms altho not everyone in the brotherhood have a good heart, some rob the rich AND poor to give to themselves.

Bad Side:

- Number #1 bad side.... it's the Gameguard...... this is one nasty son of a **** piece of software. It crashed my computer like 5-6 times a day after a few hours of playing 9 dragons. It's not really effective in preventing botting and hacking as every botter knows and uses tools to disable gameguard.

- Bugs, lotsa bugs thats need fixing and mistranslations.

- Some of the quests have very inaccurate directions on how to complete it and you need to look up in the net on how to properly complete the quest.

- PvP is too unrestricted. In the pvp server you can get ganked anytime anywhere, there's no safe place. A high level player can at anytime come along and one shot newbies and laugh about it. There should be at least some sort of pvp level restrictions that gives a chance to run away or fight back.

- Lag ... there's a huge amount of server lag (not internet lag). They really need to upgrade their servers or else ppl will get pissed off and stop playing.

- They need an auction house, trying to run around looking at people's shop one by one and there are literally several hundreds of people cluttered in one tiny spot (in Heifei) is not very good for a 3D game.

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