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Registration server down?

lefthighkicklefthighkick Member Posts: 5

I downloaded this game on Saturday, but have met the same fate each time I try to register an account:

"Our registration system is not available at the moment for maintenance reason. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please try again later."

I've heard that "Epic 4" is supposed to be coming out soon, maybe this is somehow related to the problem?  After viewing screenshots, reading the wiki for this game and seeing mostly positive feedback for something that's F2P, I'm excited and hope I actually get a chance to play soon! 

If anyone actually knows any details of what is going on, your post would be most appreciated.


  • Dracon777Dracon777 Member Posts: 26

    it's back and they have just announced in the forums the release date for the Newest patch/update

    "by tanda on 20 Jul 2007 09:45


    I am proud to announce that we have scheduled Rappelz Epic 4 to launch this upcoming Friday, July 27th.

    There will be both a manual patch and a full client available.

    We will have an extended maintenance. Maintenance will last from 15:00 7/26 to 15:00 7/27.

    Here are the times in various areas of the world:

    Los Angeles: 15:00 7/26 - 15:00 7/27

    New York: 18:00 7/26 - 18:00 7/26

    GMT: 22:00 7/26 - 22:00 7/27

    Paris: 00:00 7/27 - 00:00 7/28

    Berlin: 00:00 7/27 - 00:00 7/28

    Israel: 01:00 7/27 - 01:00 7/28

    Turkey: 01:00 7/27 - 01:00 7/28

    Hong Kong: 06:00 7/27 - 06:00 7/28

    Sydney: 08:00 7/27 - 08:00 7/28"


    so now is the time to get in

  • lefthighkicklefthighkick Member Posts: 5

    Yep, I should have posted an update earlier.  I got in about a week ago and have a Clvl/Jlvl 25/15 Dark Magi on Bahamut now!  This game has greatly exceeded my expectations for something that's F2P.  It's better than a lot of P2P games I've tried in the past!    Bring on Epic4!!

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