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ViolertViolert Member Posts: 33

I really don't want to download a whole game based on golf.

It's just.. Soooooo boring!

Unless you can bash people's brains out with golf clubs, which, I very highly doubt is the case.

But I'm an idiot, so you've been warned <3


  • SpeedMannSpeedMann Member UncommonPosts: 333

    You know what, no ones forcing you to download it.

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,934

    Then who was that person that...oh nevermind

  • Gert_megaGert_mega Member Posts: 11

    WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD MAKE A GAME BASED ON GOLF... expessaly mmorpg game...

    i undarstand a small flash game BUT MMORPG!!!

    ... this world is filled with lot sick people

  • DeadEndDeadEnd Member Posts: 98

    I think you do not have talking rights until you tried it, which it seems you have not. Come back once you have. 


    Currently playing Shot Online: Marlonn - lvl 52 Zygmunt.

    "Argueing online is like running in the special Olympics... even if you win your still a retard."

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,934

    If that principle applied to everything in life we'd have a very hushed society. Some things like shark cage diving will still be the same whether you've tried it or not...you'll be in a cage surrounded by sharks.

  • QSProductionQSProduction Member Posts: 12

    Fear not ego maniacs! it has a secret to the game!...the trees on the golf course can fly!! :) lol

    I'd try the game if it wasnt so long to download...or if it wasnt about golf. maybe its about something else as well?.....

  • chop3593chop3593 Member Posts: 55

    I play Hot Shot Golf on my PS3...Thats now just a flash game and I love it

  • GravargGravarg Member UncommonPosts: 3,424

    I don't watch golf, I don't play golf. Pretty much my only experience with golf is Hotshots, but I have to say that this game is actually kind of neat.  The only downside I see is that if you play in a tournament or for NGs (game currency) you almost always have to have real cash items on hand to compete.  Other than that, it is fun to go in a 4 player round of friendly golf.  I might have to think about taking up golf irl lol

  • ShreddiShreddi Member UncommonPosts: 317

    So your saying the game is lame and you dont even have it?   isnt that kinda like an oxymoron?   maybe just a moron.   Gheeez.  oh, by the way, please do not download it.  I am doing so now and so far the community seems pretty cool.  Dont wanna mess that up.  :)

    This post is intentionally written as to not make any sense what so ever. Thank You Very Much.

  • 2NVME2NVME Member Posts: 4

    i believe that this game is only entertaining for people who have an obsession with golf.

    i downloadd this game 6 months ago and got bored after playing it two times, so only download it if u are obsessed with golf haha.

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