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troydavidtroydavid Member Posts: 150



Before I download this game; What does "java" based mean?  How does this effect gameplay.  What is the difference in comparison to "Regular" MMO's.  And while I am at it was makes a "web" based game a web based game?




  • tedricktedrick Member Posts: 32

    It is written java so it runs in a window somewhat like an applet. Doesn't effect much. The scenery is decent, player animations are lacking, the terrain is fully deformable - caves can be dug minerals recovered. It is a crafting intensive game - you can purely fight but you better no someone who raises cotton for bandages, cattle for food, iron for swords, bronze or steel for armor. It is just that complex. Try it out.




  • troydavidtroydavid Member Posts: 150



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