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Planning my return to MMOs (AC1 questions)

I've been abroad for about a year and so away from a steady internet connection... Of all the MMOs I still have the CDs for (AC, AC2, DAoC, EQ)  I'd only choose from the 2 AC games.  I've never had more fun than in AC1 but I'm wondering...

1)  How long can a subcription be stagnate before it's deleted?  Mind you I haven't been on my account for I'd say about 3 years... So I'm figuring I'll be starting all over again image  which leads me to...

2)  How easy is it for someone who knows the game to get back into it?  LVL 200 characters running around seems a bit imposing.  I never made it past 40 on my OG mage...

3)  Are there still only 3-6 templates that everyone uses?  Not that I really cared that much (OG mageimage)  I just remember my first character being gimped beyond belief because I didn't follow the core "successful" temps. 

4)  Do you find new people in the game or is everyone rockin their 100+ lvl chars all day with no thought to the little guy?

   I'm just looking to kill a few months till WOW comes out, but who knows?  If I can get back into it and have fun like the old days I might just stick with AC...  I've read the AC/2 debates I'm just interested in AC1 with this post...  Thanx  

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