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This game absolutely sucks... Play UO instead!

gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477
Ok, RO sucks. Why? Its like UO but its a click pathfinding game. I think this game only succeeds because people think the characters are cute. IMO of course. Ultima Online can suck Ragnarok's audience if they made UO anime style. Thank god they dont :)

Ultima Online- Apoc
Final Fantasy XI Online- Nabara
World of Warcraft- (Coming soon :P)

i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there


  • BladinBladin Member UncommonPosts: 1,089

    ummm have you ever even played ro?? cuz if you have then you are retarded. no offense intended but damn your dumb, comparing UO and RO (ooo online in the name man). The games are nothing similar its like comparing ketchup and mustard they are both condiments but are nothing alike. ummm yeah try getting your facts straight before you open your mouth like a idiot.


  • CreativeNameCreativeName Member Posts: 47
    For the love of god stop comparing this game to Ultima Online. To the above poster: It's not even like comparing Ketchup to Mustard. it isn't putting a square peg into a round hole. It isn't apples to oranges either. It's like trying to say that a Nutri-grain bar is the exact same thing as a giant deflated basketball. Lets just say that the Online similarity is... Neither taste very good. They have one similarity, these games. Both are delicious (muaha) but... The ingredients are all different....... I'm hungry....

    This is CreativeName's fancy schmancy sig. Let the 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing commence... Now.

    This is CreativeName's fancy schmancy sig. Let the 'ooh'ing and 'ahh'ing commence... Now.

  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270

    like the above 2 posters have said, their completly different games... comparing them wont get u anywhere... although... i have spent a descent amount of time on each of them, and if i had to choose my favorite, it would be Ragnarok... UO was fun and all, and im in no way calling it a bad game... BUT Ragnarok (IMO) was more fun...

    UO was just a little too slow for me... UO may have its advantages over Rag in terms of sheer conent and such, but Rag has alot of things over UO too... things such as music, graphics (sprite and otherwise), combat, and (IMO) the general community in RO is... well... nicer =P...

    anyways its simply a matter of what u want from ur game... saying 1 game is better then another, end of discussion, is a very close minded (and ignorant) thing to do... their both good, but in their own ways... different things for different people...

    no matter where u come from... no matter where u are now... no matter where ur going... its all about the EXP


  • gargantroogargantroo Member Posts: 1,477

    Originally posted by Bladin

    ummm have you ever even played ro?? cuz if you have then you are retarded. no offense intended but damn your dumb, comparing UO and RO (ooo online in the name man). The games are nothing similar its like comparing ketchup and mustard they are both condiments but are nothing alike. ummm yeah try getting your facts straight before you open your mouth like a idiot.

    I think it is YOU who have never played Ultima Online. The games are very much alike. One lacks the Anim

    i play on australian servers because racism is acceptable there
  • BigPeelerBigPeeler Member Posts: 1,270

    ummm... no i gotta agree with the other guy... UO and Rag are nothing alike aside form the simple fact that they're both MMORPG's...

    Ragnarok = level based, anime graphics, grind-fest...

    UO = skill based, american/euro graphics, rare item-fest...

    u remind me of those kids who compare every single MMORPG to Diablo ^^... "its just a diablo clone" lol

    no matter where u come from... no matter where u are now... no matter where ur going... its all about the EXP


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,345

    Garagntroo your knowledge of MMORPGs is very limited. If I wanted to fed your loser pking character living outside newbie towns I would play UO. But you see playing with lamers who prey on newbies doesnt exactly appeal to me. Maybe you should try other MMORPGs. I have tried nearly every one on the market today, and they all get boring after 1 month, atleast Gravity knows this and updates frequently, which can't be said for the games you play. With a little more content put in Ragnarok would be alot better of a game then even City of heros. If there was something more to do but level.

  • maguseomaguseo Member Posts: 39
    ure a bad comparing person...

  • TyroineTyroine Member Posts: 7

    now if i were to make a comparison, i'd put it between RO and Diablo II, of which i have invested many hours into both.

    Both are level grinds, probably the same amount of areas, even though diablo II is a 50th as long.
    Both strive for leet equipment, again diablo II just being a 50th as long.
    both games, not exactly rocket science to fighting, hack and slash, or mages depending on about 3 offensive spells, oh yeah and buffing....
    about the same amount of character developemnt, like 25 skills in diablo, 2 class changes and a few less skills in TO, but very cimilar, yet again only time is the difference.
    magic resistance if VERY similar.
    the way you move around in the world is identical, even up to the portals switching between zones
    if diablo II was a MMORPG, in a carebear anime world, it would be RO.

    but as an mmorpg ultima rapes RO literally, RO was fun for a while, and if the didn't have WOE it would have honestly sucked ass. Would just be mindless leveling up doing the same thing again and again and again, spending a few hundred hours killing the EXACT some monster in the EXACT same area to get those last 10 levels, which barely even help you. UO, though it had a violent community, was so much more fun.

  • OldmanGrayOldmanGray Member Posts: 3

    sure id play uo if the speds in control of the servers stopped trtying to make the game like diablo2 and got a clue im sure more people would play uo then again uo has really had its day and gone

  • Z0mbyraZ0mbyra Member Posts: 6

    ive been playing RO for a year and i stoped about 4 months ago

    cause RO started alright then it started getting more and more sad untill i just quit cause RO sucks so badly any one who plays it to me and plays it non-stop are sad ::::07::

  • Oh my... someoen complaining about a game and how much it sucks. Why dont you try it longer than the free trial? you know, like for 3 weeks? It's a good game, but its dry when you can pwn everything. Still, if you're going to flame a game, BE SURE TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE YOU'RE DOING! Yes i agree, that's like comparing a bar of Nutri-Grain to a deflated Basketball. image

    Games worth looking at:
    Morrowind and all the expansions
    Anarchy Online
    Everquest and any of its decandants
    Daggerfall (Good 'ol time-wasting 2D)
    Neverwinter Nights and the expansions
    There are more but i've seem to run out of space :P

  • TyroineTyroine Member Posts: 7
    well there's a free server i think you'd like then, umm... damn i think it's called the ipy shard or seomthing.... well you'd find it on and it's basically ultima back in it's glory days before they fucked with it.  though watch out, it's a very big pvp environment, kinda like the old uo, but a little more on the good player side.

  • Agree with the thread title. At least in UO, the players are human, not bot as majority. And the GM's seem to let the matter out of their hands. C'mon, those who play RO, who hasn't know how to get a bot, run a bot, or maybe some of you actually running the bots now while browsing thru the net.

    What they do in RO is kill kill kill kill kill until your level is max. Then make new character, and kill kill kill kill kill again. Indeed it has new level of job, Job 2, Job 3, etc. But do you really want to waste some more money for a game where what you only have to do is killing monsters and leveling up?

    Players only want to level up, then find some cards to sell. That's all. Where's the ROLE PLAYING? A part of taking a path or job, there's no role playing. Well, you can be a scammer or cracker if you think ROLE PLAYING refers to them.

  • BlooddrinkerBlooddrinker Member Posts: 12

     it all depends on your taste in games

    when i was young i would enjoy games like ff7 because of the of days i can't even bring myself to play it. know why? the graphics. griven a choice i would rather pay for RO then play a free legal server of UO. as for the cummity and number of bots. lets put it this way the gms of virtuly ever game are %&%ing retareds.(i realy think you were oversetmating the number of bots, since i played the 3 weeks and may have encoutered 3 bots) as for Role playing, don't even get me started on that. Every game has it role players. their are guilds on privte servers that seperate the classes. as for the lvling grind and the fact that everyone seems too hate it. grow up every game has a grind, some more then other, deal with it by getting into groups to hunt some of the more powerfull creatures and mvps. people who complain that the game lacks any action later on think about this, name one rpg that when your high enough to do anything, doesn't make you a little fact theirs none ever game has a point in it, when you lose interest. the begining of all games rule but afterwards all you can do is cry about it ending.why is this? because of the game designers, they not going to make a game that replace all other games, why? casue they are constly designing new games to replace the old ones.(aka R.O.S.E online also called RO2 by fans)

    and also that diablo comparsement? only 3 attack spells? were you thinking of the sage which is only use for WOE or are have u even played as a mage?(anyone who dosen't put **at the begining of the next thead that tries to bring this one down hasn't even looked at this full and is a fag) casue they get alot more skills then just 3, diablo has more magic spells then i can list,if you were talking about elmetal types then your wrong again

    now here were you insult me and say typical" RO blows, UO is very better"geeky snort"your just an nub" your biaos(can't spell it) which means that your opion is afected by what you came to understand as reality. thats okay we all are biaos that whats makes us human. everyone is biaos, only when we realisied that we are, are we able to have an actual arugement that ends up into a very smart debate. their i'm done, i guess i should even talk about biaos with a abounch of people who should realy get out more and try to get laid(that just my biaos of you talking;-)

  • I'm not insulting tho, it's all based on facts. I've played RO and I know how the community behaves. I know how some players think and do in RO. I know every reason why they keep insisting to play it. They play because they know that cheating is becoming a little profession in the game. You can get more zeny, to buy better armors and weapons, to buy great cards, and even to throw zeny to the market using real dollar.

    If you realize, why UO -that has a old-school 2D graphics- still has more players than RO? Why? Because the gameplay. Because of the role-playing. Because the customization that is offered to the players. Of course every game will have players that are bored, but the question is, what is the majority? Is the majority of RO players really enjoy playing by hunting all the time and leveling up their characters? Or maybe some will get an excuse by saying "get a group hunt". What is the other role-playing you can do in RO a part from taking a profession or doing group hunting?

    Even you can't make your character look unique can you? All has the same hues and colors, only the hair, some little spot in armor or clothes. You can't even show your expensive armor to the others. :)

    Call me a bias, I don't care LOL. But let me remind you that I've played both games and my choice goes to UO and indeed RO is an awful game. It offers temporary fun, sure the water looks awesome, so what? :)

  • Frby122Frby122 Member Posts: 26
    i think it is ko but the controls are not good you have to click/hold to move its better to use the arrow keys.

  • BladinBladin Member UncommonPosts: 1,089

    I'm sorry for my unintelligent first post, I was very idiotic when posting that, and i apologize, i flamed you instead of posting anything of real importance.  

    When i played on the REAL UO servers i hated it, i played for about 3-4 months because my clan, which started in legends and might and magic, all played it and i bought it so we could all play together.  We were good friends and we helped each other out.  Personally one thing about UO would be the total lack of real world content, considering this was like a year or two ago, and there was basically no place in the world for a house.  Could of changed i don't really care, i tried to go back to it recently and just couldn't bring myself to play it... I can't even stand the game.  It's old and it shows, unless you were addicted when it first came out, i don't really see many people finding it to be the "best mmorpg" or even halfway decent nowadays.

    With RO i played it when it was still in beta loved it, it went p2p i paid for it right away.  And i played for about a yearish straight.  It was fantastic.  Then i simply stopped to go back to my old mmorpg Astonia 3.  And then after a couple of months i went back to RO.  It just was that good.   Now i play on free servers, (heck i even run my own now!).  The thing about RO is that you never have to worry about getting pked while mining or anything.  And the community(in a small private server, iro = lame, I just can't play due to the amount of idiots, and horrible CS(lol what i mean by horrible it seems they answer all the unimportant ones, and ignore the important ones.  I once had a error that wouldnt let me play for about a week or 2, and it took them over a week to respond!)  If you find a good private server you can meet some wonderful people and have a great time.  I'm not saying you should play them because they are against the iRO rules.  

    I'm just saying that it's alot more fun in a ps, even uo players tell me the same thing.  But I've met more nice people in iRO, in one week, then i did in the entire time i played in uo.  I just can't stand the people there. 

    The games are remotely similar, but overall are nothing alike. 

    One thing i HAVE to say to everyone, is that you can't ever say a game is a clone of something.  Things may have a similar system.  But everygame is its own game.  The thing is, when you play new games, you got to look at it as a whole, and not like crafting is better here, combat is better here, skills are better here.  Each game is as how it was designed to be if you like it then its your game, if you don't like it then play something else.  As long as you are happy, play whatever you like.  Don't go looking in forums just to say it sucks or its a bad game.  You have to give reasons.  I personally don't like UO but i won't stop you from playing it, its just when fanboys come to insult other games, is what really gets my goat.  I'm also not saying RO is the best (far from it) but i enjoy playing it.  Just have fun with whatever you do.  You don't have to go around saying other games sucks.  Especially when you go to post ONLY horrible it is. 

    And yes people do play RO partly because of its graphics.  It works for how its made, if you were to give ro a PURE 3d no-anime look, it wouldnt hold the same magic. 


  • RammurRammur Member Posts: 575
    I think any game company that gets payed to make a game good yet they take years to upgrade and imp new stuff is junk then they complain about people making free servers hell some of them damn free servers imp and work harder then the staff.So that should tell them to work harder they wouldnt have the problem almost like shopplifting at a retails store know 75% of shoplifting is done because of sucky custermor service.


  • goldenstovegoldenstove Wizet ManagerMember Posts: 53

    Hey if you like RO try MapleStory too... (it's free to play).  The Maple Story Open Beta (english version) is up at with a new automated signup (no need for approval).  Maple Story is a 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that is anime influenced like RO and quite light.  Surprisingly, the spec requirements are quite low but the artwork is charming.  The game currently boasts the largest concurrent user figures in Korea with about 10xs more users than RO at peak times.  It may not be hardcore enough for some but it brings light refreshing fun with that Mario like nostalgia effect.  Servers are filling up quite fast so dl the client at

    Up until job advancement its a little slow but it gets really fun after you pick a class... Let me know what you think!  Oh yeah... best of all it's free and will probably stay subscription free =)

  • HypoMixHypoMix Member Posts: 6

    "this game only succeeds because people think the characters are cute"<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    Since when has a game succeeded when it hasn’t looked good? Try and release doom3 and make its graphics the same as doom1 and see how well it sells.  Any way RO is about the cooperation and community not fully about the game its self


  • NedaNeda Member Posts: 2

    Ragnarok Online is a great game to play as long as you have friends to play and you're love to socialize. The leveling up can be pretty fun as well. I love the graphics of the game, because they're so unique compared to all the other games.

    I don't care about Ultima Online. If I wanted to play it, I'd try it. But with Ragnarok Online, you don't even have to pay a penny for the 15 day trial.

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