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Free 30 Days?

cooiecooie Member Posts: 4
Does any one know weather it requires a Credit Card for the free 30 days. Cause my parents want to wait to use there credit card and I have enough to buy the game. So can you make an account for the first 30 days without a credit card.


  • FadeFade Member Posts: 419

    nope i got the same problem, when you register your account you have to put in a credit car or game card number but nothing will be charged.

    a solution i have found is to either
    1. buy a game card for $30 which is good for 2 months of play time
    2. if you bank has them, prepaid credit cards (what i use) where you put so much money on them like lets say $50 and then you use it like a credit card. great for online cuz if someone gets your number you wont loose as much as you would with a credit card

    im sorry i seem to have gotten my sword stuck in your ribs

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